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Human Design Pregnancy

“All of the western religions state that the soul is there from the moment that life begins. One of the premises of Catholic thought, one of their resistances to things like abortion and experimentation on embryos, and so forth, is that the soul is there from the very beginning. So, this is a place of real confrontation between cultural traditions and the mechanics of Human Design. In the mechanics of Human Design, the vehicle comes first and there is no Personality and no soul at the beginning. Its something very important to understand, particularly about the psychology of the mother. I’ve worked fifteen years now with this knowledge. I’ve worked with so many pregnant women, a one thing that is clear is that the distinction of unique Personality comes late in the pregnancy. The reality is that the personality is not going to come in until the last 88 degrees (approximately 88 days) of the pregnancy. The vehicle has to be constructed….

… The conception process is initiated when a Design crystal with its magnetic monopole is called up into a male. It’s called up into the male within eight hours before there will be a conception, i.e., eight hours before the is going to be an orgasm. Remember something about the nature of the program: the program dictates the rules. There is no serendipity in all of this. It’s a program. There isa timing for everything and, in essence, there is a place for everything.

A very important mystery in terms of the nature of impregnation is how the sperm gets into the egg. You’d think, with our scientific capacity, that it would have been an easy thing to answer? It wasn’t. They finally recognized that one of the sperms seems to have a key; It seems to know precisely where to go. So, into the male come that Design crystal with its magnetic monopole, and it goes into on sperm of approximately a million that will go hunting for that egg. Only one of them know exactly where to go. By the way, it is the same thing for twins. There is simply a way in which the signals are duplicated and two crystals come in at the same time (or three or four or five or six, which is quite common in mammals). The moment that the magnetic monopole and the Design crystal find their way is not the moment that life begins. That’s the moment of a potential conception sequence as you will see, and it’s going to take time (days) before you can actually see the beginning of a life… failed conception is also part of the game. It is part of the way that the program works, in the same way that miscarriage and abortion are, and all are part of the mechanics of figuring out how to endow form with consciousness…

… At the beginning of the third trimester, or what we know in Design as the Design calculation, is that this is the incarnation of the Personality. That’s the moment that the Personality comes back into form, and it comes back into the form that has been established for it…. Design crystals have frequency. Personality crystal have a frequency. The magnetic monopole has a unique function: it is going to pull the Personality crystal out of a bundle. Its going to pull it into this body, and its going to pull it into the back seat to be a passenger. That’s the job of the magnetic monopole of the fetus of this vehicle…. The moment that the neocortex in ready, the monopole attracts. It holds us together in our illusion of our separateness, and moves you along your line of geometry. The magnetic monopole releases a specific frequency that only attracts that particular Personality crystal. The moment that that frequency is released, that Personality crystal is going to follow a line of attraction, guided by the magnetic monopole, and its going to enter into the vehicle…

… Let’s get rid of some lies. One of the lies that I’ve heard for years is that people actually believe that they choose their parents. I’ve heard this a lot. It always amazes me that anybody can imagine that. But then again, the vanity of human beings is overwhelming to me as it is. You really have to understand the nature of a Personality crystal. The personality crystal is software and it simply does not operate innless it has hardware. It just doesn’t. Personality Crystals don’t think. They filter consciousness, but they don’t think. What thinks is the hardware. It’s the software that simply programs it. Personality crystal south of the body don’t have a Personality. They’re not self-reflective. They don’t know what is going on. They have no idea. They are just humming and vibrating in space. This lie, that that thing) the software) is going to choose the computer it’s going to go into, I find hilarious. It doesn’t. There is no choice in all of that.

There is obviously, both rhyme and reason to incarnation. We live in a very complex and sophisticated program, and you do not come into the world with those that are not appropriate for you by program. In other words, what human beings like to do is to make up really good stories.

It’s another lie that when the Personality crystal leaves the body after death. Aunt Louise is still there. Aunt Louise is not there. Aunt Louise’s software may still be floating around, but Aunt Louise has disintegrated, and her Design crystal went back in, and that’s it. There is no Aunt Louise, and no matter how much you want to hope that there is Aunt Louise, she is not there. That doesn’t mean, by the way, that you cannot experience her. That Personality crystal is up there, and the neutrino stream goes through it, and all of a sudden, you’re thinking about Aunt Louise, and you think that you’re communicating to the dead. You are not. You are simply getting the filtration of that crystal, and it reminds you of something. It reminds you of a Personality.

But it is very important to see that this is not about us being conscious when we’re out of form. This is not us about being aware out of form. It’s not about us having free will out of form, let alone in form. Helpless, Incompetent. We have no choice. We are not in charge of all of this, and as much as you’d like to think that you chose your parents, you didn’t. Get rid of that additional vanity that you chose the place that you were going to come in. It is simply not true.

Think about This Personality crystal. This software. Each and every one of us, in the process of coming into the world, starts life with a basic dilemma. And it is that who we think we are has no control over our lives. That’s the nature of the Personality crystal. Out of that fundamental dilemma, that who we think we are has no control over our lives, comes all of the problems of our lives, comes all of the fears that we have – the afears of the unpredictable, the fears that lead us to want to control things, the fears in us that say that we have to be this or that, where we have to succeed and so on – all because the Personality crystal doesn’t recognize what it’s here to do. The personality crystal is so deeply identified with the vehicle that it thinks that the body belongs to it, ant it’s its body control.


Buddha’s only worthwhile dictum: “the body is not yours””


Ra Uru Hu, The Design of Pregnancy, 2008


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