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Veronica Bio

Veronica de Boer

I am an International Relations Specialist and Marketing Consultant with nearly 20 years experience with Internet and Software Products. In recent years life has pulled me in different directions, where gradually my hobbies are becoming my job.

I continue to work as a freelance Marketing and Internet Specialist and Trainer in various associations – “Baby and Child” – Child Safety and “Prof. Nikolay Raynov “- Education and Waldorf pedagogy. The rest of the time I work as a Human Design Analyst, Ballroom, Oriental Dances and Energy Practices (Tai Chi, Qigong and Taoist Alchemy) Instructor for women, mothers with children as well as aging people.




Living Your Design Guide (LYD), Individual Rave Analysis, Partnership Analysis, Incarnation Cross Analysis, Life Cycle Analysis,


The Human Design seed was sown in me shortly after my frontal and painful collision with the harsh Bulgarian reality as we collapsed from the 12th-floor with an elevator at the Maichin Dom Hospital in Sofia in the 8th month of my pregnancy. Since then I have grown it and after more than 7 years I can say that I am much more centered and authentic. that my life path has radically changed its course, that I did a lot more important things in my life and I started touching the people around me at a deeper level. I can feel the seed is a solid tree now, even though it is as big as my palm. I feel humbled and small, but real and satisfied, surprised and light, but dense and bubbling. Am I more harmonious? If we meet on our geometry, we will have the chance to sense each other in auric frequency 🙂 The wisdom is in the body, the view is in the mind, the perspective is in the soul, the completeness is in the totality. Love the Being in a Being.

My Human Design Chart:

May 09, 01:13, 1979
I am a heretic investigator of Defiance.
What does that mean? If you come to me, I can give you direction and practical strategies. I can easily point the patterns that sabotage you, inspire you and support you from the beginning to the end of your process.  Love who you are, you have no other choice! I can be useful to you to realize that truth at a very deep level.

Analyses and Consultations:

Individual analysis

What is your energetic blueprint?
How to navigate through life?
How to take decisions?
How you interact with others?
90 min. recording

Partnership analysis

Love relationships, family members, friends or business partners. Potential and limitations. Exemption from guilt and accusations.

Analysis of the Incarnation Cross

What is your purpose in life?
What is your role?
What is your point of view?
What is your setting?
What is your potential?

Life Cycle Analysis

We look at the “weather” at different stages of our lives.
Solar Return – Every year on our birthday.
Saturn Return – approximately 28-30 years
Uranian Opposition – approximately 40-44 years old
Chiron Return – approximately 48-50 years.

LYD – Living Your Design Workshop for cellular transformation.


I am also parents’ educator with Dr. Harvey Karp’s methodology.

Certificates of HD Qualifications:



Do you want to reach out? You can do that on: humandesignjourney(@)gmail.com

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