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The four main types according to aura include: Generator, Projector, Manifestor and Reflector.


The generator is here to respond to life and to find satisfaction. The aura is open and attracts. The generator is a subject to external influences and in order to protect themselves they must wait for life to offer itself on a silver platter. The generator is the generator of life itself.

Generators are one of the two energy types along with the Manifestors. Only the Generators have consistent access to life  creating energy, to vitality. They are the happiest when they are busy with the things they love. The less time generators thinks about work but actually invest in work, the more satisfied they are. When the work brings satisfaction, everything else fits in. When generators get stuck and do not know where or in what to put their energy or experience constant interference in their work they feel uncomfortable.
Generators are pure or manifesting. Manifesting Generators are generators with manifesting potential and, after responding, can be very fast.

If you are in a realtionship with a generator, you can have some of the most sincere relationships with them. All you have to do is ask them and listen to their sacral response (a sound coming deep from their gut) to closed questions with “yes” and “no”, an “aha, mmm” or “uh-uh, urgggg”. The generators do not know their truth until they are asked or initiated by life. The energy of their aura attracts  people and circumstances, but it is open to influence, so the generator must not initiate, but wait to respond to something from the outside. When in their frequency, the generators attract the right people, places and situations in their lives and move without resistance. Satisfaction is the authentic signature of the generator. Frustration and dissatisfaction, as well as anger with the manifesting generator, are the red flags that give feedback whether they are in the right place, with the right people and whether they are moving in the right direction.


The Projector is here to be invited and to be successful. The aura is focused and propelling. They are under the strong influence of people they communicate with so they have to wait to be recognized for what they truly are and to be invited into interaction with the other.

The projector is here to be invited to lead and direct their group to success.
If you are a Projector, you are happiest when you interact with people who recognize your abilities and influence. You adore being around others and interact with them because you learn so much about yourself and how to make the world a better place.

When you do not wait, you face huge resistance. Any attempt to tell someone, persuade them or instruct them without being invited to that, brings low vibration to you and others around you, and you will feel exhaustion, resentment or bitterness.

Before you start blaming other people for their lack of appreciation, reevaluate. Reevaluate your interests, your education, your research and your motivations. When you have depth in a specific subject or service, the recognition will come. You are a person who can seamlessly move into the various strata of society and achieve success. If you are in a position where you are more a worker than have a managerial role, it seems as if your light is diminishing. You are just not here to be workaholics, but guide others to get the job done.



The Manifestor is here to influence others and to find freedom. Theир aura is closed and repelling. It breaks through the energy of other auras and thus is unstoppable. This creates tension in other people an they try to impose limits on that influence and try to control the manifestor. To deal with the resistance the Manifestor must learn to inform others before acting and when they are still a child to ask for permission, before they do.

The Manifestor is one of the two energy types along with the generator but is non-sacral. Therefore, they can not work for a long time. The Manifestor is here to be the spark, to ignite the engine and to lead the others into a new direction or field that has not been experienced yet and then let them do the job. It is only truly possible for the Manifestor to initiate things in life, because of the nature of their auric field. It is like an energy cannon for other auras and can hardly be stopped.

When the Manifestor is polite and informs others before taking action they manages to dissolve the resistance and make others feel  a little more comfortable in the role of ninepins on a bawling ally being pushed by the bawling ball aura of the Manifestor.

If you are in relationship with a Manifestor, it’s a good idea to understand their need for autonomy. If you try to control or manipulate them to do things, it will ricochet and create chaos. If you want them to cooperate or help you, you can tell them directly about the situation without asking for help. If they have energy for something, they will do it.




The Reflector is here to  reflect reality and other people and find surprise, lightness and peace of mind. Their aura is like a radiance, taking small samples from others and durable to their conditioning. The aura of the reflector is naturally protected and in spite of the openness, they do not stay for long shaped by others and don’t hold back conditioning.

If you are a Reflector the happiest you feel when you can get in and out of people’s lives without much anticipation. You enjoy being in different types of circles and people, watching and noticing the reflections you exchange. Honor your unique pace and give yourself extra time, about 30 days to make sure which people and invitations are best for you. You are very flexible. But if you take the invitations  in a hurry or if you are around too many people, you may feel lost or disappointed.
To connect to your geometry, wait for the full moon cycle before you act.



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