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Mentorship Program

The Mentorship Program includes the workshop “Living Your Design” and Individual Analysis: $450

The Personal Mentorship Program includes: individualized workshop”Living Your Design”, Individual Analysis and additional consultations in a total of 12 personal sessions: $ 1000

I invite you to take your Human Design Journey!

Human Design is the science of differentiation, of diversity, and it shows us that we have a unique vehicle and a specific goal to fulfill on this Earth.

Experiencing your potential can change your life. This is a confirmation of our true place and purpose in this world. Through Human Design, we explore the mental, emotional, physical, and genetic attributes that affect our health, careers, relationships, and all other aspects of life, especially making decisions that are right for us.

Human Design gives us specific information about our genetic code that helps us understand our uniqueness and that we are not destined to be like anyone else. There has never been and never will be someone just like us. This can be very relieving and finally setting us free to live as we were born to be.

We are unique and complex beings. Unfortunately, the world determines us to be the same, to be homogenized. When we begin to follow our strategy and authority, we let go of the conditioning of society and become ourselves.

Human Design is not a system of beliefs, theorizing or philosophy. You don’t have to believe in anything. This is a reliance on your genetic code and the simple mechanics of your design, which is enough to make a huge difference in your life.

With Human Design you accept your true nature and stop fighting against yourself and hating yourself. You can also participate in being a healthy, human being with love, understanding and acceptance. This is not about being better or better. It’s about being yourself. The real self!


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