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After you download your body-graph you can discover your Type, Strategy, Purpose and Signature:

Types: Generator, Projector, Manifestor or Reflector

Strategy: to wait, to wait for the invitation, to inform, to wait the lunar cycle (28-29 days)

Purpose: Life Force, Guiding Force, Starting Force, Ultimate Judgement

Signature: Satisfaction, Success, Peace or Surprise

This is how the body-graph is created:


They Four Types of Vehicles and their Aura



The four main types according to aura include: Generator, Projector, Manifestor and Reflector.


The generator is here to respond to life and to find satisfaction. The aura is open and attracts. The generator is a subject to external influences and in order to protect themselves they must wait for life to offer itself on a silver platter. The generator is the generator of life itself.







The Projector is here to be invited and to be successful. The aura is focused and propelling. They are under the strong influence of people they communicate with so they have to wait to be recognized for what they truly are and to be invited into interaction with the other.








The Manifestor is here to influence others and to find freedom. The aura is closed and repelling. It breaks through the energy of other auras and thus is unstoppable. This creates tension in other people an they try to impose limits of that influence. To deal with the resistance the Manifestor must learn to inform others before acting and when they are still a child to ask.








The Reflector is here to  reflect reality and other people and find surprise and peace of mind. Their aura is like a radiance, taking small samples from others and durable to their conditioning. The aura of the reflector is naturally protected and in spite of the openness, they do not stay for long shaped by others.

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