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Pluto Interregnum

Today, January 14, 2022 at 1:24 EET, Pluto moved to the first line of the 60th gate – Limitation, in the line of Acceptance.

Pluto orbits the sun for approximately 248 years and stays in a hexagram for about 3 years and 9-10 months. This means that we will feel the influence of Pluto in our lives very noticeably and for a long time. And we will never experience it in its entirety for our human life.

Pluto will bring with it models and global trends that will drive society and in which we cannot choose not to participate. It will guide us through certain topics related to lasting and irreversible transformation. Pluto closes the doors at the end of this cycle of human history. We are facing an evolutionary leap. But before this leap happens, Pluto will prepare us for what is to come through the truth that is beyond the mind. This is the deep truth within us, hidden deep beneath the surface. This is the truth we are obsessed with and want to control because we are clinging to something that is very valuable to us.

Often the transits of Pluto bring transformation, destruction, even death, but also the potential for transformation, renewal and rebirth. Pluto urges us to let go of the old, to transform, and to face our fears and our deepest truths, thus forcing us to shake off the untruths individually, but also as a society.

Pluto entered 60.1 – Limitation – The Gate of Acceptance
Accepting the restriction is the first step in transcending it.

This is where the cycle ends, this is the end and we can only accept it. This is a moment when we can only look at the cycle and the events and emotions in it as ending. There is nothing more we can do. The history of mankind, in this form, is over. These are the final captions of the film. We can still contemplate them by December 5, 2025 (look down).

And this will lead us to the new beginning of the concretized fantasy in the 41st gate and the emergence of the new evolutionary consciousness, that of the Raves. These are the new species which evolved through humans. It will take years for us to start seeing it, but we are at the beginning of the end.
I am very curious what truths might come out in the next few years. 🤓

Pluto dance through the gates in the Rave Mandala Wheel:

16.03.2021 Pluto moved to the 60th gate, 1st line until the 11th of June, 2021 (87 days)
14.01.2022, Gate 60, 234 days
05.09.2022, Gate 61, 66 days
10.11.2022, Gate 60, 518 days
11.04.2024, Gate 41, 43 days
24.05.2024, Gate 60, 251 days
30.01.2025, Gate 41, 202 days
20.08.2025, Gate 60, 107 days
05.12.2025, Gate 41, 811 days
24.02.2028, Gate 19, 156 days
29.07.2028, Gate 41, 157 days
02.01.2029, Gate 19, 820 days
02.04.2031, Gate 13, 87 days
28.06.2031, Gate 19, 220 days
03.02.2032, Gate 13, 222 days
12.09.2032, Gate 19, 86 days
07.12.2032, Gate 13, 827 days
14.03.2035, Gate 49 …


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