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Generators & Manifesting Generators

In the Human Design System there are four types of auras: Generator, Projector, Manifestor and Reflector Aura. When you have the Sacral center defined, you have by definition a “Generator” aura. The Sacral center is quite a gift. It is the lifeforce energy and can be compared to an engine, life’s most powerful motor and […]


Human Design Pregnancy

“All of the western religions state that the soul is there from the moment that life begins. One of the premises of Catholic thought, one of their resistances to things like abortion and experimentation on embryos, and so forth, is that the soul is there from the very beginning. So, this is a place of […]



This is how Human Design works. The neutrino is an elementary particle, an electroneutral lepton, coming from the stars, and in our solar system the Sun interacts only through weak nuclear interaction and gravity. The neutrino mass is important to explain the “dark matter” phenomenon in cosmology, as it is possible that the neutrino concentration […]


Pluto Interregnum

Today, January 14, 2022 at 1:24 EET, Pluto moved to the first line of the 60th gate – Limitation, in the line of Acceptance. Pluto orbits the sun for approximately 248 years and stays in a hexagram for about 3 years and 9-10 months. This means that we will feel the influence of Pluto in […]


Rave I-Ching

Hexagram 1 / Gate 1: THE GATE OF SELF-EXPRESSION. THE CREATIVE; Yang; 44< 1> 43 Channel 8-1 Inspiration; The creative Role Model; Harmonic Gate 8 Holding Together; Center G; Circuit Knowing This is the yang-est (six yang lines) of the Hexagrams. It is a deep need to express oneself and demand attention. This is potentially […]


How I met Human Design?

I heard about Human Design several times from my best friend, but I didn’t pay any attention to it. I thought that it’s just another esoteric “bla bla” system. After all I was a serious business woman and had no time for such nonsense. The following year I heard that a friend of mine from […]