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Human Design is a revolutionary system, synthesis of scientific and esoteric knowledge, which was brought to the world in 1987 by Ra Uru Hu. It is a practical tool which you can apply in your life so that you can navigate your path with more satisfaction, success, freedom, surprise and take correct, authentic decisions as yourself. It reveals the uniqueness of each one of us, what are the inherent gifts we have come into this world with, how best to utilize them, and where we tend to deviate from our true nature. It is a logical system for self discovery through correct decision-making coming from the unique intelligence of your specific body instead of the mental pressures in the mind. Its validity can be verified by experimenting, without the need to believe in anything.

When we were born, we were truly authentic but as we grew up, we were influenced by our family, culture, education and environment and were conditioned to think and act in certain strategic ways that often lead us to meet resistance, live in fear, caught in the game of guilt, blame and shame.

We are born in a body, a restraining bio form which operates in a specific way. Only if we operate it correctly, we are able to transcend the limitation of the form. We are given a self-reflected consciousness which we are here to expand and be able to really see the big picture, the life purpose that we have in the totality we are a part of.

With Human Design, we discover what makes us different than everyone else – our True Self and how we are designed to navigate the material world without resistance.

Human Design gives us the keys and relaxes us into being ourselves, while it shows us where we deviate from our own realization and satisfaction. The guilt, the shame, the accusations and the fears naturally start to fall away because we cannot be and act like someone else. And naturally it starts to make no sense to vindicate ourselves for being who we are. Thus, we capitulate and surrender to our nature and to life itself.

How does it work?

The Human Design System combines the 64 hexagrams of the ancient Chinese Book of Changes – the I-Ching, the Hindu-Brahmin Chakras, Kabbalah, Astronomy, Astrophysics, Quantum Physics, Genetics and Statistics.

The unification of the different esoteric and exoteric sciences gives us synthesized information in the form of an energy map that contains 26 activations, 13 planetary prints, 9 energy centers, 36 channels, 64 gates (hexagrams), 6 lines and 3 levels of substructure. It is a virtually unlimited number of combinations of genetic formulas at the conscious and subconscious level, from where comes the huge variety of people, as well as the accuracy with which they describe our energy footprint. Every area of ​​life is reflected in the map and through its analysis we understand where we have to learn and become wise and where are our inherent strengths that we can rely on.

The Neutrinos

Neutrinos are unusual particles that carry negligible amounts of mass. About 3 trillion neutrinos and the material they carry pass every square centimeter of our planet in every second. Our Sun produces about 70 percent of all neutrinos that travel through our solar system, and the remaining 30 percent is emitted by other stars in our Galaxy.

Since the neutrinos have mass, though infinitely small, as the neutrino stream passes through us, it leaves information as well as takes information from our footprint. This information travels through each of us and these particles connect us to the flow. At the time of birth, we literally seal the information transferred from the neutrino stream through the planets to the exact moment of separation from the mother. This information gives us the knowledge to understand our nature, potential and forms of interaction. Therefore the exact time and place of birth is extremely important up to the minute, even to the second.

We are here to reconcile our innate energy potential with our openness where others and the planets influence us. When we are in our correct geometry, our authentic trajectory, we automatically move to the right places, with the right people and in the right circumstances, and the conditioning that we will get will be correct for us. Our individual strategy and authority tune us to our specific frequency and vibration. When we stop acting as victims drifting on the endless train of thoughts in our minds and start making authentic decisions, through our strategy and authority, we naturally fall into the correct environment for us and our energy and, accordingly, experience fulfillment and satisfaction, recognition and success, peace and freedom, surprise and ease.

Who is our True Self?

Human Design deals with the concepts of Not-self and True Self. We are experiencing much stronger the information we receive from the outside, the influences in our open centers, channels and portals (the white, non-colored geometric shapes, lines and numbers). What we do not have attracts us. In our openness, we experience not only what we are not, but also what our mind wants us to be, so that it defines us through what we are not. That is why we are talking about Not-self, “what we are not”. On the other hand, our True Self is not just our definition, our defined, colored centers, channels and portals. Our Authentic Self is a balance between our open and our defined centers as we travel through our lives as a surrendered passenger of our form (our body).

When we stop identifying with what we are not, the automated habits of blame, self-judgment and non-acceptance, anger, guilt, shame, resentment, anxiety, fear, oppression, pessimism, etc. disappear with ease. Then naturally we begin to observe ourselves, the people and the events in our lives without condemnation, without moralizing them, without looking at them as good or bad, but just as facts.

When we stop judging ourselves and others, when we accept ourselves as we are, then we are much more inclined to also accept others as they are. That’s why our relationships start to improve. When partners begin to respect their differences, this provides a good basis for true and loving relationships, without resistance and rejection. When we are not true to who we are we can not have satisfying and successful relationships because we are experiencing a deceit, an illusion.


If you feel provoked, excited or willing to experiment, or just the opposite, you feel resistance and rejection, perhaps it is the right time to find out and familiarize yourself with your personal Human Design Chart, with your unique energy footprint that distinguishes you from all the rest? If you feel misunderstood, stuck, unrecognized, blocked, isolated, disappointed or suffocated in the life you are living, maybe it is  time to look beyond your mind and trust your internal compass that resides in your body? I invite you to contact me and I will tell you more about your potential and the traps on your path so that you can finally feel satisfied, successful, peaceful, relieved and maybe surprised.

“Love yourself! You have no other choice anyways” Ra Uru Hu

I invite you to find out more about your energetic blueprint and how to navigate through life with simplicity and wisdom, eliminating resistance and taking healthy choices. Please, contact me to schedule a Human Design Analysis on danceenergyvATgmail.com or on +359888625765. I will need your exact birth place, date and time and about 90-120 minutes of your time. Maybe this will be your most important meet up – meeting your Self.


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