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Generators & Manifesting Generators

In the Human Design System there are four types of auras: Generator, Projector, Manifestor and Reflector Aura. When you have the Sacral center defined, you have by definition a “Generator” aura. The Sacral center is quite a gift. It is the lifeforce energy and can be compared to an engine, life’s most powerful motor and source of energy. A defined Sacral center represents the potential of consistent access to sustainable energy force needed to create, build, and support life.

The Generator aura is open, enveloping and pulling in, designed to meet life directly, open to its conditioning forces and taking things in moment by moment. This is a very receptive approach to life, a Yin energy and what the Generator Strategy of “waiting to respond” is all about. The leаst resistant path is letting life come to you rather than “doing” or “initiating” from the mind what you think is good or strategic for you. The Mind interferes with the response by coming up with ideas and opinions about what should be done, what results should we achieve, what is expected from us, what our culture, moral values, etc. are dictating us to do. But these are mental stories.

The Sacral energy is available or not and it can be expressed in response or negative response. Generators are here to use completely their energy, doing the stuff they love and respond to and when they go to sleep they recharge. The generator motor regenerates when we spend our energy well or degenerates when we force ourselves to do things for which we have no response, no energy availability.

The Defined Sacral Center


“And we know that the Sacral Center is many things. It is a very powerful motor. It is the reproductive creative center of the being. It is a generative force. It creates this enormous enveloping aura that pulls and drags everything into it. It gives life to the planet.”
– Ra Uru Hu

The Generators’ energetic Signature for correctness is that of “Satisfaction”. This is the feeling of energy well spent doing the things they love. This doesn’t mean the experience will be always nice and easy. Simple, yes! There can still be difficulties or challenges, after all we are not here to have it easy. We are here to develop and learn. The key is waiting to respond, and only engage when there is energy availability, your body says “yes” from the guts. The Sacral Motor has its own voice and sounds like “Uh-huh – yes” or “Nuh-uh – no” which are its truth weather something is correct and turns on their energy or on the opposite the energy sinks and there is no availability. The Generator is here to be receptive to life and deal with it directly, allowing that gut response to guide them in their truth of defining themselves with life.
The Generator Strategy of “waiting to respond” aligns their auric frequency to the flow of life thus reducing the resistance, ensuring the right timing and synchronicities and meeting the world at large. Life simply happens without forcing anything. Like the water. It takes any shape or form, bypassing everything, but the water carves the stone. The generator cannot dictate the conditions unless they have been approached by the world, by the outside, by people and circumstances. When the Generators initiate, they never know what their aura would have attracted to them. And there is a high chance they moved away from their natural frequency trajectory – their fractal line.

For Generators it is the waiting that transforms them and makes the World propose itself on a silver platter. And although waiting may seem hard or you might have the feeling that nothing is happening and that there is nothing to respond to, actually life is happening and there is always outside stimulation. The Sun is up, the birds are singing and you feel drawn to go out for a walk. You responded to the nice weather. You get an email or something in your feed, or in your mailbox, you see an article in a magazine or a street sign or you hear someone say something or someone asks you something, these are all things that can subtly trigger your response mechanism or not. Remember if there is no gut response, then there is nothing to do. Either it’s a negative or you still don’t know and there is no available energy to get your natural movement to engage.

The Sacral voice speaks in response, so sacral question sessions with a friend you can trust might be a great way to reconnect to that inner gut feeling. And then, wait for life to knock on your door, rather than confuse the mind’s desires and imagination with the actual experiences.
Trying to initiate or force things bring “Frustration” and is the “Not-Self” theme for Generators. This is the red flag that one is out of sync with life. We live in a frustrated and exhausted world. And no wonder! 65% of the World’s population are Generators, stuck with their energy and engaged with the wrong activity, people or situations. Usually this is the result of taking mental decisions, trying to strategically outguess life, being impatient with waiting and being conditioned by the influence of others. When you try to force things because of your mental pressure and open-center’s not-self strategies you disconnect from your energy. While you are engaged with this activity, that you are forcing with your mind, you might be missing out what you actually attracted, but now don’t see it, because there is no space for response.
When the generator’s life force is not aligned with the correct geometry the Sacral Center will not provide reliable energy and quitting and frustration can be the byproducts of wasting your valuable energy, time and resources.

Generators are masters of starting things that are not aligned with who they are or that circumstances are not really supportive of.
When you wait for things to come to you, there is this space you open up full of possibilities. Your aura attracts the right things and circumstances which can bring you satisfaction and pleasure. But you need to free your mind from the decision-making process to be able to observe and really see what is actually happening around us. That is why Ra Uru Hu calls it your movie. And you being the main character not some stage furniture, mise-en-scène. The right things for you are things that will provoke response and desire to engage, which lights your gut up. If you have a Sacral Authority (no Solar Plexus Defined, which will make you Emotional Authority), then this is your truth in the now coming from your gut response.

Sacral Authority

Having Sacral Authority is different than the Intuition or the Instinct in the Splenic Centre, it is also not the emotions or feelings in the Solar Plexus. The Sacral authority is a gut feeling, an energetic response to stimulus from life. The Sacral is a motor which has its own voice and speaks in inarticulate fashion with “Uh-huh – yes” or “Nuh-uh-no” sounds. There is either the feeling of building up of energy, a rising or movement towards or away, like a leakage of energy, sinking in your body. It either fills your whole body or exhausts it. It either brings you satisfaction or frustration. That gut response is a “yes” or “no” response which is the way the body let’s us know when we have energy for something which is correct to engage with or there is no energy and it is not correct or healthy for us to engage. There can also be no response or “hmmm”, I don’t know yet.

The Sacral Centre is our body’s intelligence to which we can surrender and take the path of the least resistance. There is no logical explanation, since this is a motor and not an awareness center. Therefore it can be quite challenging for the mind to accept why you may or may not want to engage in something. It is your body’s way of meeting “what is”.

This is a new generation navigations system for any situation, circumstance or scenario in the best possible for your way, so that you get satisfaction and move confidently on the surprising and unforeseen path of your live journey. If your inner compass is correct, the outside factors become only a background of your live and don’t determine the direction in which you move.

When the Sacral response is honored, it will guide you into circumstances, situations and relationships which are correct for you. It’s a process of giving up what you think is best for you, in order to let life provide you with its own guidance and the possibility to honor the life force within you and lead a deeply engaged and satisfying life that is unique to you.

The fundamental Generator question is “Who am I?”. The Generator discovers who they are with every response. Rooted in acceptance and self-love and honouring their gut response is the ultimate awareness in the now for the Generator. And Satisfaction and pleasure are the byproducts.


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