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What is Human Design?

Science of Differentiation

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What Can Human Design Do For Me?

Love yourself. There is no other choice anyways.


Human Design reveals the uniqueness of each one of us, what are our inherent gifts, how best to utilize them, and where we tend to deviate from our true nature. The guilt, the shame, the accusations and the fears naturally start to fall away because we cannot be and act like someone else. And naturally it starts to make no sense to vindicate ourselves for being who we are. The Mind capitulates before our Strategy and Authority. The authenticity takes over.

Science Overview Neutrinos

Neutrinos are unusual particles that carry negligible amounts of mass. Our Sun produces about 70% of all neutrinos that travel through our solar system, and the remaining 30% are emitted by other stars in our Galaxy. As the neutrino stream passes through us it connects us to the flow. At the moment of birth, we literally seal the information transferred from the neutrino stream and the planets it has passed on the way.

Human Design Relationships

Relationships with loved ones, our family and friends or business partners are all intimate sharing of two people through their aura to aura contact. Understanding the partnership “being” that you become when with the other, you will be able to see your potential and limitations together and get to a place of exemption from guilt and accusations. Sharing yourself freely and authentically with the other is a rewarding choice.

The Not Self = Being not who You really are

The Not-Self describes everything that is mind-driven. The moment that the Mind takes over our decision process, there is no truth and authenticity, because it cannot be truly objective. It always tries to outguess “the best” way, it “thinks and measures” the infinite versions of why or why not. But Life always tends to surprise us. Everything which is “white” or open and perceptive in our human design body graph is usually filled with “mind”.

Хюмaн Дизайн / Human Design

A journey to the the depth of the true Self

Generators & Manifesting Generators

In the Human Design System there are four types of auras: Generator, Projector, Manifestor and Reflector Aura. When you have the Sacral center defined, you have by definition a “Generator” aura. T[...]

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Human Design Pregnancy

“All of the western religions state that the soul is there from the moment that life begins. One of the premises of Catholic thought, one of their resistances to things like abortion and experim[...]

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This is how Human Design works. The neutrino is an elementary particle, an electroneutral lepton, coming from the stars, and in our solar system the Sun interacts only through weak nuclear interaction[...]

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An Introduction to the Human Design System Video


Are you experimenting with Human Design?

"I was very excited to have my first extended reading done with Veronica de Boer. The reading was very useful as I could identify myself with a lot of the things that were said. It made me understand certain behaviours and aspects of my personality that I am used to thinking about as problematic but the reading has helped me understand their purpose and meaning specifically in my life." Kallina Brailsford
"Human Design? I learned to accept myself as I am, and more importantly, the people around me as they are. Not bad or good, just people. I no longer make good or bad choices in my everyday life, but I just "find or not energy" for the questions that appear in my everyday life. I'm glad I met you Veronica!"Grozdio Grozdev
"After I met Human Design life is very different to me and so many things became clearer. For a long time I had the feeling that something was wrong and I was confused. The constant tension made me feel inadequate and trying to do more and more. One of the best things I learned was how to make the right decisions for me and not to initiate but to wait to be invited. It all made me more conscious, more relaxed, and happier. I recommend to anyone who feels that something is wrong to see if they can find the answers on their HD Chart."Karmen Bournaska

How can I help you?

Human Design is a practical tool for personal, family and professional analysis.

  • Foundation Analysis

  • 200
  • What is your energetic blueprint?
  • How to navigate through life?
  • How to make decisions?
  • How you interact with others?
  • 120 min. reading & recording
  • More
  • Partnership Analysis

  • 250
  • Relationships with others:
  • Lovers, family members
  • friends or business partners.
  • Potential and limitations
  • Replacing guilt & blame
  • More
  • Incarnation Cross Analysis

  • 222
  • What is your life purpose?
  • What is your role?
  • What is your viewpoint?
  • What is your setting?
  • What is your potential?
  • More

About Me

I am a professional HD Analyst, LYD Guide, Dance Teacher and Baby Whisperer.

Veronica is certified Human Design Analyst

Veronica de Boer

HD Analyst

Veronica is a 5/1 Generator, LAX of Defiance (2/1 - 49/4)

Veronica's HD Chart

Heretic Investigator of Defiance

Veronica is also a dance teacher and Taoist practitioner

Body Awareness

Tai Chi, Taoist Alchemy, Dancing

Veronica is a certified parent educator - Dr. Harvey Karp's method


Baby whisperer

Contact Me

Analysis Services are offered live via Zoom or as a recording (suitable also for gifts). You may also have a live session. An Initial Analysis is approximately 90 - 120 minutes and each following analysis is 90-120 minutes. Accurate birth data (date, hour, place) is required. Please, write to humandesignjourney(@)gmail.com to schedule your appointment.