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Living Your Design (LYD) is a cellular transformation program.

Have you felt that there is something that keeps slipping away from you? You might be right. Human Design is a self-knowledge system that can give you amazingly accurate answers to some important questions, as well as such you never even knew you had.

Have you ever wondered:

– Which way to take in your life?
– How to realize your full potential?
– What is your inner anchor that gives you stability and direction in life?
– How do you interact with others and how do you influence each other?
– Are you used to trusting everyone but yourself?
– What are your sabotaging internal patterns?
– With whom, where, when and how is it correct to be for your?
– What is your personal power and inner strength?
Human Design will give you the opportunity to achieve unique self-observation tools, an accurate compass for the right direction and individual purpose and how to move along lowest resistance path.
The Human Design System will give you a new, comprehensive and practical point of view for you, others and the world in general. This is a new generation navigation system with which you can survive in all situations and possible scenarios in the best way for you, so that you get satisfaction, success, freedom and move confidently on the surprising and unpredictable course of the road. your life.
This is an amazing adventure and experiment that I invite you to embark on with me to discover Who you are? Who really recognizes you? Who do you influence and how to achieve peace and ease?
Human Design reveals the uniqueness of each of us, what our inherent gifts are, how best to use them, and where we tend to deviate from our true selves. Guilt, shame, accusations, and fears naturally begin to fall away because we cannot be and behave like anyone else. And of course there is no point in justifying ourselves for who we are. The mind capitulates to our strategy and authority. Authenticity takes the direction.
Human Design is a science of differentiation that shows us how different and unique everyone is. In the chart of the body, we see what our energy potentials are, what our authentic self is and where we are determined by our parents, society, environment and culture.
During the course you will get acquainted with the system of Human Design and the basic concepts:
True Self, Non-Self, external conditioning, internal authority, the 9 energy centers in the body and their healthy and unhealthy manifestation, the definition in body graphics, the 4 types of auras and your personal strategy and authority to guide your life and interaction with others.
We will look at specific examples, work with the personal schedules of the participants and the practical application of the information.

Guide: Veronica de Boer – certified analyst and Living Your Design Guide by the IHDS School.

More: https://www.ihdschool.com/professionals

Where: Online classroom in Zoom
Now on sale: $300, Regular: $350
or in two installments of $160.
LYD Workshop + Foundation Analysis now on sale: $450, regular: $500
Personal Mentor One-on-one Program: $1000 (12 sessions)

Participants can take also advantage of 10% discount for

Individual Foundation Analysis: 200 EUR; Foundation Analysis XXL: 360 EUR
Partnership Analysis: 250 EUR
Solar Return Analysis, Cycle Return Analysis, Life Purpose (Incarnation Cross Analysis) each 222 EUR
Hourly Consultation Fee: 100 EUR
Coaching One-on-one Program (12 sessions): 1000 EUR

For more information:

+359 888625765, WhatsApp and Viber
* This course is part of the official courses of the International Human Design School (IHDS) and is a necessary condition for all who would like to deepen their knowledge in the next levels – “ABC in Human Design” and “Cartography” Courses.
** The participation fee does NOT include the textbook for this level (in English: https://www.humandesignamerica.com/books/course-ma…), which is approved by the International School of Human Design and is a prerequisite for completion of the course. You can also find your national organization where you can purchse locally the textbook in different languages here: https://www.ihdschool.com/national-orgs
*** When enrolling, you need to leave your birth data (date, time and place of birth) in forder for me to create in advance your personal Human Design Chart, which we will work with during the course.
For payment, please use the online payment system of our online shop or make a bank transfer to:
Beotela Ltd.
IBAN: BG66UBBS78271017202316


Payment for: LYD Course and two names

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