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How I met Human Design?

I heard about Human Design several times from my best friend, but I didn’t pay any attention to it. I thought that it’s just another esoteric “bla bla” system. After all I was a serious business woman and had no time for such nonsense.

The following year I heard that a friend of mine from Holland has a new girlfriend and somehow that intrigued me. I had this big impulse to meet her. And yet, I was not going to Holland any time soon. But life had its own plans. An illness of a relative for which I had to partake in the caring brought me to the Netherlands for a few months, the very next year.

That’s how I met the woman who turned my life around. She is born under the RAX of the Sphinx 😊

So, after a few weeks in Holland her boyfriend invited us to go for a visit and I got the chance to finally meet her. I remember coming into the room where she was sitting on a pillow on the floor. And then I saw these very strange eyes. Blue and very strong. She was looking at me with curiosity. I was looking at her with fear. These eyes were too strong. There was something abnormal. I come from the business world, so I met pretty tough men and women. But never something like that. I thought she must be involved in something dodgy, either some magic practices or something else where she is sucking this huge energy from. Typical 5/1 paranoia. I have been watching closely people, I was experimenting with provoking them and was very interested in their motivation and psyche. This is part of the reason I chose for my university studies first International Relations and then as a second-degree Marketing and PR. But here I met something new, something I have not seen before. She got my suspicious interest. It seemed like she knew something that I didn’t know of. Something sublime. She looked somehow enlightened.

With the whole party we went for a walk on the beach. It was a great sunny day. The nature was beautiful and there were even swings on the shore. I love swinging and the wind playing with my hair since I was a kid but rarely I could find adult’s swings. We were having great time, chatting, wandering around and I started to feel more relaxed in her company. I tried to investigate a little bit more about her and find out what makes her appear so strong and yet so down to earth. I am not really into astrology, but I decided to ask her what is her star sign. She told me, but then immediately added that she is not so interested in star signs any more, because she has something much better. Of course, I asked what that was and then she told me that it’s something visual and she better shows me on her computer when we get back. I had no more interest in the beach and the walk. I couldn’t wait to get back and see. What a response I got. Unbelievably strong. I was almost flying back to the house. She showed me my chart and told me a few things. I was stunned. She was in her sixth year of the experiment.

Now I know, these eyes were the eyes of a person who has fallen into themselves and the helplessness of it all. She had gone through a deconditioning process and became very grounded in her form. What was looking at me was the aware passenger.

The rest of the evening she kept on asking me questions and was really surprised to hear how connected I was with my Sacral response. Well, I guess a lot of years of Tai Chi, Qui Gong and dancing had kept me connected with my body awareness. Yet, my mind was so confused and doubtful. It still is, but now I use it for others.
We got home and I immediately started googling about Human Design. I remember listening to some audios from Ra Uru Hu and thinking to myself that this is either coming from God or the Devil. It was too perfect. The next few months I researched everything I could get my hands on online. I contacted an acquaintance of mine from Bulgaria who was studying HD and sent her my chart. She gave me a mini reading via email and I remember crying my eyes out at meeting my truth and my not-self strategies face to face.

Then I got my foundation reading with an analyst. I started my experiment and was radical about it. Actually, too radical. I stopped initiating anything. I even stopped talking unless I was asked. I stopped initiating communication with any of my hundreds of friends and acquaintances. And, oh, what a surprise, they stopped looking for me too. I went to live for 6 months in the mountains with almost no auric contact. My life started to change dramatically.

Later that year, I started radically with my PHS experiment as well. Guess what? Everything started to happen too fast for me. My mind was overloaded and I started to feel I was going crazy. Well, I stopped with the PHS. Obviously, there was a good reason it is not recommended before at least 3,5 years in the deconditioning process which on its turn starts only after you submit to the waiting – for all types.

As time flies, I feel more and more connected to myself and the flow of life. I get pulled in unexpected directions. And the satisfaction, oh, the satisfaction of it all.

Since I met HD in 2010 slowly my hobbies are taking over. As of 2017 I am a certified Human Design Analyst and I touch people on a very deep level. I see it in their bodies’ reactions.
I am also a dance teacher, Tai Chi, Qui Gong and Alchemic Dao practitioner. I work a lot with women and energy practices which unblock our body and spirit potential. I am also a certified parents’ educator and love working for the correct upbringing of babies and children.

As life unfolds, so does my consciousness. The more I know, the more I know I don’t know. But it feels good. Life is such a surprise. Let’s see what happens next 😊

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If you like this publication, please share it with your friends or like our page. Thank you!

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