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The Human Design Mandala

The HD Wheel has three separate wheels and in the  center is the Body graph.

Around the inner wheel are the 12 signs of the zodiac. Although Human Design uses the same wheel as Astrology, it divides and interprets the wheel differently.

The outer wheel and the outermost wheel show the 64 major divisions called ‘Gates’ and their respective hexagram structures – Yin and Yang, which correspond to the 64 Hexagrams of the ancient I’Ching and the codons and amino acids in our genes. Each Gate is located on the Body graph and around the Mandala in a fixed position, which does not change.

Each of our planets moves through our solar system, at a different speed. They follow a consistent orbit around the Sun. The first step of calculating an HD chart is to map the positions of the planets in relationship to the Earth.

The HD mandala has 64 divisions, that are used to track the movements of the planets, the Moon and other aspects of our Solar System.

The positions mapped in the Mandala, activate corresponding elements of the HD Body graph approximately 3 months before birth and at the moment of birth. It is the combination of what is colored in and what is left open that creates your unique HD chart.

The divisions of the wheel are so small that the activation can change in a very short time span, potentially making a significant change in a chart minute by minute.


The Types

Generators – 70% of humanity         Manifestors – 9%                 Projectors – 20%                 Reflectors – 1%

                        The two energy types                                                                         The two non-energy types


The Centers

The geometric shapes in the Body graph are called Centers. The colored ones work consistently in us, thus we can trust them, and they also influence other people and groups. The white centers work inconsistently in us and it is a place where we ourselves get influenced by other people and thus we cannot trust them.

Depending on which Centers are colored in we get our energetic blueprint and our aura type. If no center is colored we get the Reflector type.

Everything which is “white” or open and perceptive in our human design body graph is usually filled with “mind”. The defined ones also can live out their Not-Self, but definition never brings problems. Its our consistent life-force energy. Choices are not where we are defined. Choices are where we are open. This is where we are here to learn in this lifetime. These are the great places where we have the potential to get wisdom from and eventually master. The Not-Self there never goes away. The Mind never goes away. It just capitulates before our Strategy and Authority.

The True Self could never ever exist without the openness, without what the mind turns into the Not-Self. The difference is that at some point it becomes just a place of resonance in the passenger watching their own movie despite the circumstances. There is a freedom to identify with the circumstances or not. There is no freedom in being affected by it the moment people are in your auric field. Our openness is not just what we are not but also what our mind wants us to be in order to define us through what we are not.

The moment that the Mind is not interfering and wanting to defines us through what we are not these open centers become the natural place of wisdom where we are enriched in our experience. This is where we read the potential impact of those that are present in our circumstances. Then our openness becomes an aspect of the holistic frequency of the Self, of the passenger.

Wisdom comes from our openness. Wisdom is a transformation in the way we deal with others. Through our wisdom comes the Outer Authority being a result of a transformation in the way we perceive ourselves no matter who the other is. It is us realizing the inherent purpose of being ourselves in our movie, despite the circumstances.

“The Not-Self is a mental drive in human beings, to choose, to become. You can only choose to become what you are not, because you cannot choose to become what you already are. What you are not you can only become, you can never just be it.” – Alokanand Diaz

Strategy and Authority

Strategy and Authority are the key to everything in Human Design. The additional information only proves the validity of Strategy and Authority. They depend on your type and genetic construct.

The Generators’ Strategy is to wait for life to come to them and respond or not with their energy. The Projectors’ Strategy is to wait for life and people to provide an invitation for engagement and energy reliance. The Manifestor Strategy is to Inform the others before they act or say things, because they always have an impact. The Reflectors’ Strategy is to wait out the Moon Cycle (approximately 28-29 days), as they change with the flow.

Authority can be:

  • Emotional, if the Emotional center is defined;
  • Sacral if the Sacral center is defined and the Emotional center is not defined;
  • Splenic if the Spleen is defined and the Emotional and Sacral centers are not defined;
  • Ego if nothing under the ego is defined;
  • Self-Projected if nothing under the G-centre is defined and
  • No Inner Authority if nothing under the Throat is defined.


The Channels

The centers are connected via 36 channels in order to light up. It is the channel that gives us our life force. Two gates of each center are connected via the channel and the sum is greater than its parts. It is a whole new construct. The only type which has no channels and no consistent life-force energy is the Reflector. Together with the Projector they are the Non-Energy beings. Projectors and Manifestors can have up to 3 motors – The Solar Plexus, The Ego Center and the Root Center. If in your chart you have active the Sacral Center, then you are a Generator type. The different channels can be Projected, Generating or Manifesting. As you can see most of the channels are Projected which means that they are here to be recognized first and then invited before they should act or speak. The Generated Channels are here to respond. There are only three Manifesting Channels that can initiate.


The Gates

The gates have correlation to the 64 I-Ching hexagrams. The 64 gates have 6 lines which bring different connotation and each gate and line have a specific name and is fixed or not (exaltation, detriment, juxtaposed).


The Sub-levels – Color, Tone and Base

Each line has a different Color, Tone and Base. We use them to determine the natural Environment,  Determination (Eating Environment), Motivation, View and Perspective, subject to the PHS (Primary Health System) and the Rave Psychology Studies of the Human Design System.


The Definition

There are four types of definition.

Single Definition we have when all the centers in the body graph are connected.

This is approximately 40% of Humanity. This definition provides a sense of consistency and wholeness. And yet, there are many variations, from simple one channel designs to complex interconnected-ness between multiple centers. On one hand, the connected-ness gives a sense of consistency, solidity and wholeness. On the other hand, the open centers are the strongest areas of conditioning and the mind can get easily overwhelmed by the conditioning.

Split Definition we have when two defined areas in your design are not connected to each other. It represents about 45% of Humanity. This definition has the drive to connect with the other to experience wholeness. The split definition, by its very nature, is always looking for bridges to bring the two aspects together, dealing with the not-self themes that emerge in the open places between the splits. Among all the possible definitions, only the split definition is left with the dilemma of being dependent on the other in order to experience wholeness. That is why we can learn greatly from Split Definition people about relationships.

Triple Split Definition we have when three different areas in your design are working autonomously, each with their own agenda. It represents about 10% of Humanity. The triple-split actually has more in common with the single definition than the split definition. Rather than being deeply conditioned by the bridges, they are much more conditioned by the open centers in their design. The triple-split people can never feel whole through the bridges but still the other people and more the different groups of people are important to them in order to be able to cleanse their system.

Quadruple Split Definition we have when four different areas of definition are separate from each other and either eight or nine centers are automatically defined . This is the rarest phenomena in Human Design since these are approximately 0.63% of Humanity. These are people who are very fixed and it is very important for them to be bridging the splits in a healthy way.  A quadruple split can be any Type except a Reflector. There are four different areas in a quadruple-split.


The Profiles

The Right profiles have personal destiny: 1/3; 1/4; 2/4; 2/5; 3/5; 3/6; 4/6
The Juxtaposed profile has fixed fate: 4/1
The Left profiles have trans-personal karma: 5/1; 5/2; 6/2; 6/3




The Hexagram Line Structure

1st Line Keywords: Modesty, Authoritarian, Creation is Independent of Will, Empathy, Preemptive Strike, Selfishness, the Archetypes, Introspection, the Foundation, Movement between Weakness and Strength.

2nd Line Keywords: Hermit, Democrat, Love is Light, Bigotry, Shyness, Self-Sufficiency, the Natural, Projection outwards

3rd Line Keywords: Martyr, Anarchist, Energy to Sustain Creative Work, Pessimism, Openness, Greed, Adaptation, Bonds made and broken, Intuition

4th Line Keywords: Opportunist, Abdicator, Aloneness as a Medium of Creativity, Fatigue, Brotherhood/Sisterhood, Generosity, Externalization, Fixed, One-track-mind

5ht Line Keywords: Heretic, General, Energy to Attract Society, Savior, Casanova /Femme Fatal, Executor, Taste, Seduction, selflessness or selfishness, universalization, Discipline and rebellion, projection field

6th Line Keywords: Role Model, Administrator, Objectivity, Optimist, One night stand, Wariness, Top of the Roof, Sympathy/Apathy, Transition, Leadership or not.


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