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Rave I-Ching – Human Design 2

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Hexagram 33 / Gate 33: THE GATE OF PRIVACY. RETREAT. 31 < 33 > 7

Channel 33-13 The Prodigal, The design of the witness; Harmonic Gate 13 The Fellowship of Man; Center Throat; Circuit Sensing
The Throat has many voices, here it says, ‘I remember’. It is the voice of the Witness captured in the biblical story of the prodigal child, who leaves home and gives up their birthright to wander and learn and then returns many years later much the wiser to be accepted back into the fold so that the wisdom garnered in the experience can be shared through rememberance. This is the expression of the Sensing Circuit. This is the gate of Retreat, of the need for privacy. Before a new cycle can begin, a period of reflection on the old is necessary. Unlike the 13th gate, where the secrets are locked away in memory, the 33rd gate is in the Throat and its nature is to share its experience and to reveal the secrets. This is the gate of revelation. Despite what appears to be an ordeal, the Sensing Circuit is of enormous value to Human Progress. The storing of cultural memory has resulted in the exponential expansion of Human capacity. Without the storyteller or the historian, every new generation would have to start from scratch.

1. Avoidance
2. Surrender
3. Spirit
4. Dignity
5. Timing
6. Disassociation

Hexagram 34 / Gate 34: THE GATE OF POWER. THE POWER OF THE GREAT. 14 < 34 > 9

34-57 Power, A design of an archetype; 20-34 Charisma, A design where thoughts must be deeds; 10-34 Exploration, A design of following one’s convictions Harmonic Gates 57 The Gentle; 20 Contemplation; 10 Treading; Center Sacral; Circuit Centering
The only purely asexual gate out of the Sacral center. This is a gate of pure unconditioned power. It is power ready for display, available for use. The 34th gate is one of the four gates of the Integration Channels (20,10 & 57). As energy, it is powerful enough to fuel three different channels (Power, Charisma & Exploration). Such power is never to be underestimated. This is the essential fuel of Individuation. The Sacral is second only to the Throat Center in complexity. Like the Throat, it both moves us and provides us with a voice. The movement is rooted in what is termed ‘sex drive’. It is in fact a repetitive frequency. The defined Sacral takes its blind walks, shuffles its papers and cleans the house compulsively. This is frequency and not the metamorphosis possible through the Throat. The Sacral also has its voices, the moans and sighs. The 34th gate is the grunting / growling voice. The power to be independent and the energy of conviction. It is the Power of the Great which determines whether Individuation can be maintained. This is an enormous energy resource and not aware. Its power allows it to fuel three different channels. The empowerment of the Human Archetype is its primary function and the definition to 57 is essential. This power without the guidance of awareness can wreck havoc. It is through the Channel of Charisma, a design where thoughts must become deeds, that its destabilizing impact is so common. The power of 34 is relentless, when defined to the Throat, it must manifest. Charisma is what we call the release of Individual Power in the Now. In the design keynote, the term ‘thoughts’ is used. Do not misinterpret this illusion to the mind only. It is in fact a reference to any of the three awareness centers (Ajna / Mind, Spleen / Body and Solar Plexus / Spirit). The Channel of Charisma not defined to an Awareness center is open to conditioning from any awareness and in the instant of identification with the awareness, it will turn the awareness into deeds. The irony is that charismatic individuals, who seem to epitomize personal power, are so often profoundly manipulated in their lives.

1. The Bully
2. Momentum
3. Machismo
4. Triumph
5. Annihilation
6. Common sense

Hexagram 35 / Gate 35: THE GATE OF CHANGE. PROGRESS. 16 < 35 > 45

Channel 35-36 Transitoriness, A design of a ‘Jack of all Trades’; Harmonic Gate 36 The Darkening of the Light; Center Throat; Circuit Sensing
The Sensing Circuit is rooted in its format of cyclical energy. It always requires beginnings, middles and ends. The 35th gate is a key to this energy functioning properly. This is a gate of change conditioned by the cycle. This is the gate of satiating the appetite for change. This is the expression of the Channel of Transitoriness, a design of a Jack of all Trades. Like its mirror, the 16th gate of skills, the 35th gate is experientially talented. Its voice says, ‘I feel’ and usually, ‘I feel it’s time for a change. ‘ This is the channel of expectations but there is no light at the end of this tunnel, none. ‘I feel if I do this, I’ll get that’ is not a formula and an expression of fact. It is a hope that will always lead to pain. This is not a design that can afford to be goal oriented. This is a gate of the ‘wheel’ turning.

1. Humility
2. Creative block
3. Collaboration
4. Hunger
5. Altruism
6. Rectification

Hexagram 36 / Gate 36: THE GATE OF CRISIS. THE DARKENING OF THE LIGHT. 22 < 36 > 25

Channel 35-36 Transitoriness, A design of a ‘Jack of all Trades’; Harmonic Gate 35 Progress; Center Solar Plexus; Circuit Sensing

The potential of recognition through feelings leads to the possibility of change. No gates are under greater pressure then 22 Grace and 36 The Darkening of the Light. These are the only two conceptualizing gates which have direct access to the throat and can manifest directly as Action. Since it is emotional energy, the Pain&Hope wave that conditions this definition rather than the possible emotional awareness that lies within the wave, the outcome is often destabilizing for the individual and for others. Only in this way is the 36th gate the gate of crisis. Change and changes in feeling are natural to the Abstract process. This is an experiential circuit. The ultimate role is to be a witness, to remember and reflect. The shift of feelings determines the ending of a cycle, nothing more, but this can only be recognized through awareness. The energy overwhelms this possibility, and change becomes either
something that is dreaded or embraced and fuels a life of expectations and inevitable crises.

1. Resistance
2. Support
3. Transition
4. Espionage
5. The Underground
6. Justice

Hexagram 37 / Gate 37: THE GATE OF FRIENDSHIP. THE FAMILY. 55 < 37 > 63

Channel 37-40 Community, A design of being a part seeking a whole; Harmonic Gate 40 Deliverance; Center Solar Plexus; Circuit Ego
This is the most communal of all the gates. It is the transpersonal expression of the potential sensitivity of Revolution. This gate is also the focusing of sensitivity for communal expression. This gate is the possibility to offer support and friendship to others. The Tribal Circuit group (Ego and Defense) are the most intensely social. They establish, support and maintain our communities. Once the sexual imperative has been satisfied (Defense), the community is an essential development. Sensitivity, biologically is about food. The Tribe must be fed. The 37th gate is the gate of the Mouth. The friendship offered by this gate can never be free of an underlying bargain. It is
always seeking loyalty and looking for a promise of loyalty in return. The wave of emotional awareness leads to the hope and pain cycle of friendships, loyalty/ disloyalty, promise/broken promise. This is the gate of the Sense of Touch. It is the outstretched arms ready to embrace the outsider. The possibility of awareness in this gate lies in the ‘touch’ not in the energy to embrace.

1. The Mother/Father
2. Responsibility
3. Evenhandedness
4. Leadership by example
5. Love
6. Purpose

Hexagram 38 / Gate 38: THE GATE OF THE FIGHTER. OPPOSITION. 58 < 38 > 54

Channel 38-28 Struggle, A design of stubbornness. Harmonic Gate 28 Preponderance of the Great; Center Root; Circuit Knowing
The Root is a Pressure Center, not an Awareness. The Fuel to fight, to struggle is an energy. The Stream of Intuition begins in this gate. The channels which connect the Root to the Spleen are by their nature difficult while at the same time being healthy. The Spleen is a center of underlying fears. This fuel to fight is the essential energy necessary to combat our fear of death. This channel is about the struggle to know that life is of value. Since this is a fuel of the Knowing Circuit, the struggle ultimately is individual. Often the fighter is shunned as an outsider and their struggling, deeply misunderstood. Through the 38th Gate, we have the pressure to challenge, met in the 28th Gate, by the willingness to play. Through the definition the game playing can become very serious, even life threatening, see 28. 6 Neptune in detriment. Here, it is the stubbornness which can overcome the odds. Remember that the Splenic center is our center for well being. To have this definition, to be stubborn, to struggle, is ultimately healthy. If it is your design, then struggle is the only way to know.

1. Qualification
2. Politeness
3. Alliance
4. Investigation
5. Alienation
6. Misunderstanding

Hexagram 39 / Gate 39: THE GATE OF THE PROVOCATEUR. OBSTRUCTION. 52< 39 > 53

Channel 39-55 Emoting, A design of moodiness; Harmonic Gate 55 Abundance; Center Root; Circuit Knowing

Like its mirror, the 38th gate of the Fighter (they are in exact opposition in the Zodiac), Obstruction is a combative fuel. Sometime between the birth of Buddha and Jesus, the Solar Plexus Center began to evolve into our third Awareness center. The Awareness of the ‘Spirit’. Rarely experienced in our time, Emotional Awareness is our collective destiny. The energy to provoke is an essential ingredient It is in the design that the individual must fight, is provoked and must provoke to find the spirit. The provocateur is seeking out the spirit, trying to provoke it into expression. Since this gate is always looking for its spirit, this fuel also gives it the energy to persevere, to deal with the moods that this process releases. With this energy, whoever you can provoke is not for you! The journey is towards the spirit. This channel is a Design of Moodiness. The mood swings, from hope to pain, is the energy of
the Solar Plexus and not its potential awareness. Patience is the key. If the mood cycle is not seen for what it is, the wave frequency of the Solar Plexus, then a result may be ‘eating’ disorders.

1. Disengagement
2. Confrontation
3. Responsibility
4. Temperance
5. Single-mindedness
6. The Troubleshooter

Hexagram 40 / Gate 40: THE GATE OF ALONENESS. DELIVERANCE. 59 < 40 > 64

Channel 40-37 Community, A design of being a part seeking a whole; Harmonic Gate 37 The Family; Center Heart; Circuit Ego

This is one of the three gates of social caution (12,33). It is the gate of aloneness. The Ego Circuit is unusual since both its Streams of Awareness do not find their expression directly in the Throat as in the other major Circuits. The awareness possibility is the conditioning of the nature of the Ego. The Heart center is a binary of Heart/Ego strength and Stomach/Ego Power. Deliverance is the gate of Will power and it is to be carefully noticed, this is not an awareness center and not everyone has access to this power. In the Mechanics of the Maia, it is clear, that there is no free will. The Ego of this gate says, ‘My belly’s full, why should I bother feeding you?’ It is always alone, even in a crowded home, yet it is essential to the survival of the community, the principles of the community will collapse unless their is a sustained will to maintain the community. The 37 embraces the 40 and offers the only thing that the Ego is vulnerable to, loyalty. Emotional support drives the will. In athletics, it is well known, that to play before your own community, cheered on by their loyalty, pumps up the will power and regularly leads to victory, which the entire community then experiences as its own.

1. Recuperation
2. Resoluteness
3. Humility
4. Organization
5. Rigidity
6. Decapitation

Hexagram 41 / Gate 41: THE GATE OF CONTRACTION. DECREASE. 60 < 41 > 19

Channel 41-30 Recognition, A design of focused energy; Harmonic Gate 30 The Clinging Fire; Center Root; Circuit Sensing

This is the gate of Contraction, captured in the traditional Chinese image of the gardener in his garden in the Autumn cutting back his plants. In terms of our genetics, the 41st gate is the only ‘Initiator (start) Codon’. It attests to the importance of the Sensing Circuit and this Stream of Feeling in particular. This gate fuels the potential to recognize. This recognition is through feelings. The fuel gates of this Circuit (64 & 41) are very similar. The 41st gate can contain all the possible range of feelings, yet, as in the mental process, it is only one feeling which will be of value. There is also a parallel between the three channels connecting the Root to the Solar Plexus and the three channels that connect the Root to the Spleen. The Channel of Judgment (58/18) is a mirror of this Feeling Stream. The focus of this stream is to recognize (to judge abstractly) through a single feeling. However, judgment is conditioned by the frequency of the now; recognition is conditioned by the wave. It is never immediate. It is always a process. Patience is the great virtue of the Emotionally defined.

1. Reasonableness
2. Caution
3. Efficiency
4. Correction
5. Authorization
6. Contagion

Hexagram 42 / Gate 42: THE GATE OF GROWTH. INCREASE. 51 < 42 > 3

Channel 42-53 Maturation, A design of balanced development; Harmonic Gate 53 Development; Center Sacral; Circuit Sensing

This is the gate of maximizing the potential of beginnings through expansion. This is also the gate of bringing things to a close, so that the next step can be taken. The power to complete a cycle is the heart of the growth process. One thing at a time is its mantra. Here, in this Format, is the core of the Abstract process. Since there is no Splenic Center activation in this circuit, the cyclic process can be unhealthy and is always dominated by the presence of fear. Without the Spleen, the recognition of the essential value of the now is missing and yet for the stability of the abstract way, it must be accepted as essential. We exist in the now anyway, despite our perspectives. The change of the cyclical process is not the goal. The ‘grail’ is the experience. The abstract Being must be absorbed in the experience of the now, in order to reflect on the experience later. The potential of Growth is its power to mature through completion of each cycle.

1. Diversification
2. Identification
3. Trial and error
4. The Middle Man
5. Self-actualization
6. Nurturing

Hexagram 43 / Gate 43: THE GATE OF INSIGHT. BREAKTHROUGH. 1 < 43 > 14

Channel 43-23 Structuring, A design of individuality (Genius to Freak); Harmonic Gate 23 Splitting Apart; Center Ajna; Circuit Knowing
The Knowing Circuit is linked to our sense of Hearing. Breakthrough is not to be confused with the so-called ‘Third-Eye’ or the ‘sight’ in insight. This is the gate of the Inner Ear. Nothing is more difficult for individuals with this gate, than to listen. They are the most difficult people to teach. It is not a fault or a problem but their genetic protection from undue influence. To teach such a person, one must be simple and begin at the beginning. The Inner Ear listens only to its own ‘inner’ voice. This is the only possibility to transform the rationalized inner truth into an insight, a unique perspective. This is the gate of Individual Mental Knowing. It is not backed up by facts and may be merely delusion. It takes fortitude, strength even courage to stand behind it. The gates of possibility are the final shaping of an awareness. Once fully conceptualized, they await only access to the Throat and manifestation.

1. Patience
2. Dedication
3. Expediency
4. The One-track Mind
5. Progression
6. Breakthrough

Hexagram 44 / Gate 44: THE GATE OF ALERTNESS. COMING TO MEET. 28 < 44  > 1

Channel 44-26 Surrender, A design of a transmitter; Harmonic Gate 26 The Taming Power of the Great; Center Spleen; Circuit Ego
This is the Channel of Entreprenerial Enterprise, a design of a Transmitter. Where the channel of Community is socialist, the channel of Surrender is capitalist. The instinct and memory to transmit ones Ego to the Tribe. This is a public channel. This is a gate specifically of Memory. Instinctive memory, not one that can be called forward but a memory that operates in the now and is cued by patterns in experience. The alertness of this gate is the alertness to patterns. The possibilities of this instinctive memory and its sharpness have no direct access to expression through the Throat. It is a mirror of the 37th gate, that offers social loyalty and access to the Tribal refrigerator in return for the promise of benefits from the Ego’s will power. The 44th gate offers individual loyalty and access to its memory resources in return for the Ego’s strength to assuage its fears. Coming to Meet is the gate of the fear
of the past.

1. Conditions
2. Management
3. Interference
4. Honesty
5. Manipulation
6. Aloofness

Hexagram 45 / Gate 45: THE GATE OF THE GATHERER. GATHERING TOGETHER. 35 < 45 > 12

Channel 45-21 The Money Line, A design of a materialist; Harmonic Gate 21 Biting Through; Center Throat; Circuit Ego

This is the gate of the Master/Mistress, or the King/Queen it is the gate of Dominance. All of the gates of the Throat have voices, here it says, ‘I have’. Gathering Together is the expression for the Entire Tribal Group and it is a Throat gate of primary action. All of the potential power of three motors focuses through this expression. As a composite definition, The channel of Materialism, can be one of the most beneficial. 45 is the gate of the pasha, it says to the 21, the hunter/huntress, ‘I have this land, and I will allow you to hunt on it as you like but make sure I get the best piece of meat. ‘ When the 45 is generous in its authority and recognizes the willful independence of the 21, all is well. More often, the 21 thinks it deserves the best piece and the 45 wants to tell the hunter how to hunt. The 21 represents the demands of the community of its rulers. The 45 is the key to the harmony of the community. When the ruler can say with honesty, ‘We have’, then there is peace in the Tribe. By the way, a practical cure for depression in either 21’s or 45’s, go shopping!

1. Canvassing
2. Consensus
3. Exclusion
4. Direction
5. Leadership
6. Reconsideration


Channel 46-29 Discovery, A design of succeeding where others fail; Harmonic Gate 29 The Abysmal; Center G; Circuit Sensing
This gate is part of the Cross of the Vessel. It is a gate of Love, the love of the body and the flesh. This is the gate of Serendipity, of recognizing that beginning with one’s own body, the body as Temple, that one is always in the right place, at the right time. This can be a gate of discovery and Good Fortune. It is all dependent on the Determination of the Self. The Design of ‘Succeeding where other people fail’ is also inversely a Design of ‘Failing where other people succeed. ‘ It is through this channel that the Abstract process can find its promise or chaos. The determination to accept that one is in the right place is deeply spiritual. It is surrender to the cycle and in that surrender is the potential for discovery. It is also clear, that unless the abstract being can accept and commit themselves to the cyclic nature of their lives, their bodies will begin to fail under the stress of constant crisis, disappointment and upheaval.

1. Being Discovered
2. The Prima Donna
3. Projection
4. Impact
5. Pacing
6. Integrity

Hexagram 47 / Gate 47: THE GATE OF REALIZING. OPPRESSION. 64 < 47 > 6

Channel 47-64 Abstraction, A design of mental activity and clarity; Harmonic Gate 64 Before Completion; Center Ajna; Circuit Sensing
This gate is the gate of realization but it is not a comfortable process. This is the Sensing circuit, an abstract current that cannot be substantiated by facts. This gate can create a lot of mental stress and anxiety. It is a burden even at its best. The 64th gate, the fuel of this conceptualizing potential, can be compared to going to a Movie theatre where you expect to see a feature length film, only to discover that it is showing thousands of video clips. To realize which single clip out of the many makes sense is the potential of this gate of Realization. It is no wonder, that this is the gate of Oppression. This is an ongoing process. The Format of the Sensing Circuit is cyclic. The secret to handling such a process, is also the secret of this entire circuit, Patience! You cannot go into the image pool and rummage around, hoping to find a resolution to the unresolved pressure. There is only waiting, waiting for the moment of realization, ah ha.

1. Taking Stock
2. Ambition
3. Self-Oppression
4. Repression
5. The Saint
6. Futility

Hexagram 48 / Gate 48: THE GATE OF DEPTH. THE WELL. 18 < 48 > 57

Channel 48-16 The Wave Length, A design of talent; Harmonic Gate 16 Enthusiasm; Center Spleen; Circuit Understanding
The relationship between the 18th gate and the 48th, is between correction and depth. The Well is a resource, a pool. The awareness possibility is to store vital information as a pattern. Its depth, its quality, is dependent on what has resulted from the judgmental process. The Well opens up the possibility of expression through its potential connection to the throat. Without depth the common good can never be established. The Understanding Circuit is our Logic process. Its nature is determined by the Format of focus and concentration on patterns. The possibility to recognize in the now which patterns are vital to concentrate and focus on, is the foundation of Talent. Not surprisingly, it is through the Arts, that the need for correction in society is so often a theme. The Well is depth that is available in the moment based on the potential to judge a situation in the now. The keynote of the Collective Circuits is sharing. This depth, whether vital information or trivial is always being shared.

1. Insignificance
2. Degenarcy
3. Incommunicado
4. Restructuring
5. Action
6. Self-fulfillment

Hexagram 49 / Gate 49: THE GATE OF PRINCIPLES. REVOLUTION. 13 < 49 > 30

Channel 49-19 Synthesis, A design of being sensitive; Harmonic Gate 19 Approach; Center Solar Plexus; Circuit Ego
This is the gate of Revolution, at once pure energy, and the capacity in the wave to reject and at the same time, potentially aware and ritualistically spiritual. In the Design of Mammals (see Glossary, Natural World) this channel forms one of the three cross-species connections between animals and Humans. This is the channel of Animism and the exaltation of Animals as gods. The 49th gate has the sensitivity to interact with animals and is the gate of the ‘breeder’. Taming and breeding animals to ensure food resources. Revolution is the potential awareness to know what and whom is needed or not to maintain or restructure the community. It seeks the support of the 19, in return for the guarantee of food (social) access. On the mundane plane, Sensitivity is the political ‘left’ and the Stream of Instinct, the political ‘right’. The risk with the principles of this gate, is the nature of the Solar Plexus. When determined by emotional energy, the revolution follows the wave of hope and pain, the hope of ‘power to the people’ becomes the pain of starvation in the ‘gulag’.

1. The Law of Necessity
2. The Last Resort
3. Popular Discontent
4. Platform
5. Organization
6. Attraction

Hexagram 50 / Gate 50: THE GATE OF VALUES. THE CAULDRON. 32 < 50 > 28

Channel 50-27 Preservation, A design of custodianship; Harmonic Gate 27 Nourishment; Center Spleen; Circuit Defense
The body that the 6th gate ‘builds’ out of intimacy, the 50th gate ‘guards’ and maintains. This is the gate of Values. It is the gate of Tribal Law. It is the awareness possibility of the three Streams of the Splenic Awareness; Taste, Intuition and Instinct. It is the key gate in our well being process. It is the heart of our personal immunity and our capacity to both assess and defend. The expression of this capacity is through values. It is our values that are the foundation of our defense. The Defense Circuit is our sexual Circuit. It is the core of the Tribal process. Each intimacy that results in birth demands that the offspring of the union are nurtured into adulthood (27) and guided by values (50). It is this gate which establishes the rules of caring. Coming out of our most ancient awareness, it is a fundamental ingredient of Human survival. Each of the gates of the Splenic Center have an underlying fear, here it is the fear of responsibility.

1. The Immigrant
2. Determination
3. Adaptability
4. Corruption
5. Consistency
6. Leadership

Hexagram 51 / Gate 51: THE GATE OF SHOCK. THE AROUSING. 21 < 51 > 42

Channel 51-25 Initiation, A design of needing to be first; Harmonic Gate 25 Innocence, Center Heart, Circuit Centering
This is the gate of Individual Initiative. 51 is the only gate out of the Heart Center that is not part of the Ego Circuit. It embodies the power to compete. Walk down the street with a 51, and they are always a step ahead. This Ego drive leads to either courage or folly and always shocks. This is the gate of Shock. The tri-grams of this gate are Thunder over Thunder, thus the Arousing quality of this energy. This is the Channel of Initiation, one of the three Mystical Channels and the potential is the power to leap into the void. This is a Channel where the Heart has to be looked after both physically and spiritually. This is the gate of wounding. The Warrior and the Fool can do great damage. The Heart is not an Awareness Center. Yet, without this competitive drive, there is no centering in our evolutionary process. Like the 14th gate which empowers our direction, The Arousing empowers a direction of Love. The love of life itself and its constant challenge to our survival.

1. Reference
2. Withdrawal
3. Adaptation
4. Limitation
5. Symmetry
6. Separation

Hexagram 52 / Gate 52: THE GATE OF INACTION. KEEPING STILL (MOUNTAIN). 15 < 52 > 39

Channel 52-9 Concentration, A design of determination; Harmonic Gate 9 The Taming Power of the Small; Center Root; Circuit Understanding

The Understanding Circuit is conditioned by this Format Energy. It determines the proper frequency for all of the circuit’s components. Focus and concentration is the theme of this circuit. The 52nd gate, not ironically, is about stillness. More specifically, it is about focusing and channeling energy. It is the fuel of passive rather then active energy functions. All of the Format gates which arise out of the Root center are potentially sources of depression. In this gate, when there is no focus for energy, the depression is a result of restlessness. The stillness is enforced by the mechanic of the gate. This lack of focus leads to tension. With this theme of stillness, the energy can be projected as anti-social in its manifestation. The lack of active energy leads to withdrawal. Concentration benefits from withdrawal.

1. Think before You Speak
2. Concern
3. Controls
4. Self-Discipline
5. Explanation
6. Peacefulness

Hexagram 53 / Gate 53: THE GATE OF BEGINNINGS. 39 < 53 > 62

Channel 53-42 Maturation, A design of balanced development; Harmonic Gate 42 Increase; Center Root; Circuit Sensing
This is the fuel of the maturation process. The Sensing circuit is all about transition and change. The 53rd gate of Development is the fuel of steadfastness. It is the energy to start a new cycle regardless of the changes that its brings. Like the other Format gates out of the Root, this gate carries the potential of depression. The pressure is to begin and ultimately complete a cycle, but without definition to the harmonic gate, 42, there is only stress and frustration. This is an energy which is always seeking new beginnings. The entire Sensing Circuit demands patience. The pressure to begin is not an awareness. It is a mechanic. The pressure rides a wave. It is always present. The intensity to start one moment will fall away in the next moment. Wait and See. There is no sense starting what one is not going to finish. This defeats the entire purpose of the Abstract process.

1. Accumulation
2. Momentum
3. Practicality
4. Assuredness
5. Assertion
6. Phasing

Hexagram 54 / Gate 54: THE GATE OF AMBITION. THE MARRYING MAIDEN. 38 < 54 > 61

Channel 54-32 Transformation, A design of being driven; Harmonic Gate 32 Duration; Center Root; Circuit Ego
In the original I ‘Ching, the Marrying Maiden referred to was based on a legend of a concubine that eventually became the Empress of all of China. This embodies the idea of rising up, moving up the ladder. This is a gate of Drive. Since this gate is a fuel of the Ego circuit and that its inherent meaning is Ambition, it can easily be dismissed as a very mundane energy. It may be surprising then to discover that the most mystical line of the 384 of the Rave I ‘Ching is 54. 4 Enlightenment/Endarkenment. It may appear to be an irony, but it is not. Only when one has mastered the instincts to operate on the mundane plane is transformation possible. This gate fuels the drive to transform. In biological terms, it is associated with the body’s liquid production. The significance is that it is through the liquid medium that memory is stored and transported! This Instinctive Stream is all about memory.

1. Influence
2. Discretion
3. Covert Interaction
4. Enlightenment/Endarkenment
5. Magnanimity
6. Selectivity

Hexagram 55/ Gate 55: THE GATE OF SPIRIT. ABUNDANCE. 30 < 55 > 37

Channel 55-39 Emoting, A design of moodiness; Harmonic Gate 39 Obstruction; Center Solar Plexus; Circuit Knowing
The power of the Emotional awareness and its potential to destabilize is the testing ground in Humanity’s search for the spirit. Spirit is not a concept. It is not an instinct. It is an emotion. The potential for spirit and its manifestation lie in the 55th gate. As the Rave I ‘Ching says, Abundance is strictly a question of spirit. It is through this gate that the limitations of emotions are experienced. This is the gate of ‘David’s Cup’. Abundance is the microcosm of life in form. The cup is always present and there is always something in the cup (our lives) and in the wave of the emotions the cup is perceived as either half-full or half-empty. Abundance is a gate of potential awareness. When the life is experienced emotionally as either this or that, this is not aware. It is the Wave frequency of the emotional Hope to Pain cycle. Moods are the manifestation of this frequency. The individual finds the spirit in the emotional now. The wave is made up of many points in the geometry. At any given point, Spirit is not a matter of comparison, just the wonder that the cup exists at all.

1. Co-operation
2. Distrust
3. Innocence
4. Assimilation
5. Growth
6. Selfishness

Hexagram 56/ Gate 56: THE GATE OF STIMULATION. THE WANDERER. 62 < 56 > 31

Channel 56-11 Curiosity, The design of the searcher; Harmonic Gate 11 Peace; Center Throat; Circuit Sensing

The 56nd gate like the 62nd gate, is metamorphic. Rather then transforming logic into language, the 56th gate transforms the abstract into language. This is the gate of stimulation and says, ‘I believe’. This is the expression of the Channel of Curiosity, the design of a seeker, a searcher. The expression of an idea is not a fact. It cannot be substantiated by formula. The idea is never a solution but is always a journey. Collective mental awareness is never primarily about action. The eyes and what they see and how the images are manipulated within the mind are forever illusionary. The collective mind is about translating the Human experience into language. It is about fixing our relative place in time, the logic projecting into the future and the abstract reflecting on the past. Not surprisingly, the 56th gate in its genetic relationship, is a ‘stop Codon’. A punctuation point at the end of a sentence. Once an idea is expressed verbally, that is the end of the process!

1. Quality
2. Linkage
3. Alienation
4. Expediency
5. Attracting attention
6. Caution

Hexagram 57/ Gate 57: THE GATE OF INTUITIVE INSIGHT. THE GENTLE. 48 < 57 > 32

Channel 57-20 The Brain Wave, A design of awareness; 34-57 Power; A design of an archetype; 10-57 Perfected Form; A design of survival; Harmonic Gates 20 Contemplation
10 Treading; 34 The Power of the Great; Center Spleen; Circuit Knowing
The name the Gentle is a misnomer. This is an extremely yang energy, like the penetration of a chill breeze that can touch you to the bone. This gift of possible intuitive insight is the capacity to penetrate to the core in the now. It is the possibility to transform the lessons learnt in the trial and error of struggle. This is a very complex gate and can connect to three different centers. Within this Intuitional Stream of the Knowing Circuit, the 57th Gate connects directly to the Throat. This gate is the Awareness foundation for survival. Each of the Splenic gates has an underlying fear, here, it is the Fear of Tomorrow. Relatively speaking, a major handicap of the individual is a difficulty in listening. Designed not to be influenced, their Hearing, which is a theme of this circuit, can be selective. The Gentle is the gate of Hearing in the Now, the gate of the right ear. The maximization of intuitive clarity demands existential attention. The whole key to Splenic Awareness is to pay attention in the now, otherwise the Splenic information, the ‘hunch’, is so easily ignored. When focused and anchored in the Now, there is no tomorrow or fear.

1. Confusion
2. Cleansing
3. Actueness
4. The Director
5. Progression
6. Utilization

Hexagram 58/ Gate 58: THE GATE OF ALIVENESS. THE JOYOUS. 10 < 58 > 38

Channel 58-18 Judgment, A design of insatiability; Harmonic Gate 18 Work on What Has Been Spoilt; Center Root; Circuit Understanding
The connections between the Root and the Splenic Centers have enormous impact on our health and well being. The Spleen, our body’s washing machine is not a motor. In order to function the immune system has to be energized. The primary and most natural fuel is from the Root. These channels connecting the two centers are by their very nature healthy but at the same time, difficult. The Channel of Judgment is a design of Insatiability. Not being satisfied in the now. Its mundane nature, its criticism and relentless dissatisfaction often gives an erroneous impression of its value and importance. 58, the fuel of this Stream of Taste, is the gate of Vitality. It is literally the zest for life and the energy, and this is its key, for ‘a better life’. Criticism is a natural by-product of this improvement energy. Betterment is founded on conditioning both social and moral. This gate is the vitality to challenge that conditioning and to improve upon it.

1. Love of Life
2. Perversion
3. Electricity
4. Focusing
5. Defense
6. Carried away

Hexagram 59/ Gate 59: THE GATE OF SEXUALITY. DISPERSION. 29 < 59 > 40

Channel 59-6 Mating, A design focused on reproduction; Harmonic Gate 6 Conflict; Center Sacral; Circuit Defense
It is through this gate that our sexual types are defined. This is the Sacral power to be able to break down barriers. When the possibility of bonding and the fuel of expressed sexuality are connected, defined, we have the Channel of Mating, a design focused on reproduction. Here is the dynamic power of sex drive. When this channel is defined, all love making can result in fertilization! This is the most intimate of the three social channels. (The other two are, Openness 12/22 and Community 37/40) It also carries a different meaning when it connects together people who are not lovers. This is a channel of intimacy, the need for a deep connection to others and the resulting fertility can be applied to projects and careers and is not limited to reproduction, though that is its primary function. It is also an energy which can be confusing to others. The 2nd and 4th lines below, are often assumed to be sexual, when they obviously are not, leading to conflicts and all sorts of projection.

1. The Preemptive Strike
2. Shyness
3. Openness
4. Brotherhood / Sisterhood
5. The Femme Fatale or Casanova
6. The One Night Stand

Hexagram 60/ Gate 60: THE GATE OF ACCEPTANCE. LIMITATION. 61 < 60 > 41

Channel 60-3 Mutation, Energy that fluctuates and initiates; Harmonic Gate 3 Difficulty at the Beginning; Center Root; Circuit Knowing
This is the energy of limitation itself. This gate is the pulsing pressure to mutate. In terms of the collective, the Knowing Circuit is the experimental field where mutations can develop that may or may not be of benefit to the whole. This possibility of mutation is grounded in the release of limited amounts of energy. This limitation, the pulse, manifests as power bursts rather then sustained flows. Knowing, is there and it is not. The mystery of music, as Miles Davis the jazz composer noted, is in the space between the notes. It is in the ‘space’ that mutation takes place. Acceptance of limitation is the heart of this process, otherwise this energy can manifest as chronic depression.

1. Acceptance
2. Decisiveness
3. Conservatism
4. Resourcefulness
5. Leadership
6. Rigidity

Hexagram 61/ Gate 61: THE GATE OF MYSTERY. INNER TRUTH. 54 < 61 > 60

Channel 61-24 Awareness, A design of the thinker; Harmonic Gate 24 Returning; Center Head; Circuit Knowing
The old joke about history being his story and mystery being my story, Inner Truth is the pressure to resolve the individual mystery. The Head Center is not an Awareness Center. It is a pressure. The intensity of the pressure can fuel unique inspiration or can lead to delusion and madness. The Knowing Circuit is outside of the collective. The
frequency of Mental Awareness is over all time. The pressure of the unknown and knowable haunts the thinkers mind. This is the pressure to know the absolute. The Knowing Circuit is extremely complex. There are three different Fuels bringing pressure to this individual process. It helps to illustrate clearly how different aspects of our nature have a symmetry with others. 38:Opposition, the Fighter and 39:Obstruction, the Provocateur, like Inner Truth are aspects operating out of different frequencies but doing the same work. Unique inspiration is both a struggle and a provocation. The pressure to fight is spontaneous, the pressure to provoke comes in a wave, but the pressure to know stays the whole life. The potential of Struggle is staying alive in the now. The potential of provocation is the discovery of the Spirit. The potential of Inner Truth is Silence.

1. Occult Knowledge
2. Natural Brilliance
3. Interdependence
4. Research
5. Influence
6. Appeal

Hexagram 62/ Gate 62: THE GATE OF DETAIL. PREPONDERANCE OF THE SMALL. 53 < 62 > 56

Channel 62-17 Acceptance, A design of an organizational being; Harmonic Gate 17 Following; Center Throat; Circuit Understanding
This gate of the Throat Center says, ‘I think’. It is not the Opinions of 17 that speak but the mechanical capacity for Detail which communicates. The Throat center associated in our biology with the Thyroid Glands, is our center for metamorphosis. This channel is the perfect illustration of this function. What is a visualization at the mental level is
concretized in the Throat, opinion manifests as words. It is through this gate the things (formulas) are given their names. The fixing of names is the foundation of the Maia. The 62nd gate is manifestation through detail. This drive for detail can become compulsive. In order for the Collective to understand its world, everything must have a name. The quality of the opinion is always dependent on the ability to detail the concept logically, not on the concept itself. ‘I think’ is not ‘I do’. The concept of how things should be organized must face the crucible of testing, repetition and experimentation. This is the gate of the development of language and the common ground for sharing the Human experience.

1. Routine
2. Restraint
3. Discovery
4. Asceticism
5. Metamorphosis
6. Self-discipline


Channel 63-4 Logic, A design of mental ease mixed with doubt; Harmonic Gate 4 Youthful Folly; Center Head; Circuit Understanding
This is the fuel of doubt, of suspicion, of distrust. The doubt is not only projected out into the world but it is also turned in on itself. The pressure of this doubt is an essential inspiration of the entire logic system. The Understanding circuit is universal in lifeforms on this planet. Understanding is an essential process in this life and it begins with doubts. This pressure of uncertainty demands proofs, facts, substantiation. There is no need to feel uncomfortable because one has doubts, they are the beginning of a process of understanding, not an end. The foundation of this circuit is patterns. The doubt will only arise when there is something unclear in the pattern. This is the gate of Questioning and it is not aware. The logic circuit is about establishing with certainty the validity of a pattern so that it can form the basis for projecting into the future. The pressure of doubt fuels anxiety and the fear for the Collective future. The fuel is to question. The pressure is a need for an answer.

1. Composure
2. Structuring
3. Continuance
4. Memory
5. Affirmation
6. Nostalgia

Hexagram 64/ Gate 64: THE GATE OF CONFUSION. BEFORE COMPLETION. 40 < 64 > 47

Channel 64-47 Abstraction, A design of mental activity and clarity; Harmonic Gate 47 Oppression; Center Head; Circuit Sensing
The Head is a Pressure Center not an awareness. This is the beginning of the Abstract mental process. The keynote of this channel is mental activity. The term Confusion is not to be taken as a negative. It simply means that the pressure is a busy mind with a great deal of data (most of which is superfluous) that requires filtering before the pressure can be relieved. While the Logic process tests the pattern in the present to project into the future, the Abstract process is about experiencing the present in order to reflect upon it, when it is past. The pressure of this gate is a flood of images rooted in past experience. When activated from the Design (pre-natal data), this is also a powerful dreaming gate. Since this is the mental pressure for the Abstract Circuit, the starting point is by its very nature a mixed blessing.

1. Conditions
2. Qualification
3. Overextension
4. Conviction
5. Promise
6. Victory


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