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The Penta Is Not Human

When I first began to do Penta work, I used to tell my students: “go sit in a café” now that you understand the numbers “go sit in a café”. Hey the numbers are very simplе, you’ve got three people together, you’ve got tension. Tension. Why do you have tension? The moment you get three people together only two of them can look at each other. Instant tension.

When you deal with the three at the genetic level, the genetic imperative says that any pair bond, has to produce at least 2.2 children. Don’t ask me what a 0.2 looks like, but nonetheless, we’re supposed to be able to produce enough, to keep us alive. So genetically, when the couple gets together, they produced their first child, instead of the genes going yeah! They go: “one more please! one more please!” And there will be tension and there will be problems until we get one more. And there will. So that three, that’s a basic tension, over 70% of all the divorces that take place, take place in the family that’s a three. Vast majority of single parents have one child. The three is the point of tension. So the moment that you go ahead and you produce another child, you got four. Four is good, four is safe, boring and solid. Very predictable. This is a nice thing about four. Go in to a café, you got three people sitting at a café, there sitting at a table. One of them feels left out. Totally left out, pissed at the other two because they’re going on and on and all of a sudden somebody comes in the door and sits down and the table becomes a four. And everything’s fine.

Now the moment you bring in a five, you would think that the genes would really let go. you know at that point the genes say “hey, look, you need to have five.” Four is nice but what if one of them is gay, what if one of them dies, God forbid. What if one of them becomes a Catholic priest. You’re really screwed, you gotta make sure that you got reproductive units here, so let’s have a five. So five is the ideal. Five is like “Hey, we made it!” Problem is that the fifth one is the lowest on the totem pole and always create problems. And it immediately goes back to attention because there’s two people over here talking to each other and there’s two over there and one of them left out. Usually a family with five and I’ll show you, somebody’s always missing. Always missing. It’s the way they stay stable. And if the one that’s always missing is always the same one, it’s usually a black sheep. Or the absentee father or whatever the case may be.

So those are the basic numbers. This here is basically what the Penta does and I want you to notice something about the Penta, the obvious is first of all to orient you, is to see that this red down here, this represents what? We know this is the sacral center in the normal body graph, the yellow here is the G center and the brown up here, this is the throat. So we’re looking at these channels in the central power column. They go up from the sacral center and go to the throat. These six channels are the channels of the penta. However again, the Penta is not human. You can tell. It’s got no spleen, it’s got no emotional system, it has no ego, it has no ajna, it has no head center, it has no root. So we’re not talking about a human. And we’re not. The other thing to understand about the penta is that when you’re looking at a human body graph, that in the human body graph the energy can move in any direction. In other words, if you’re looking at energy in the channel is not always moving up, it can move up and down and sideways in whatever ways are available, it’s multidirectional. When you’re looking at the penta the direction is always one way. And you’ll also notice that there’s a gap here because in fact what this would be in the body graph would be the 46 gate but in the penta, it’s not in the G in that sense. You can see that there is a separation so basically the energy has to move down and then up to flow. And the same thing from the other side and everything flows out through the center, and everything gets expressed through these three gates in the throat. What we know in our body graph, what we know as those gates that express the roles of the self. Here what we have is the way in which the family presents itself.

No fundamentally what we get out of this diagram is that we get the potential to be able to see where the basic problems are in any family, instantly! Now think about the way this works is a dynamic. Here in the center is really the key. Because of course what you’re looking at is a kind of vortex and that vortex is rooted in the 2/14. This is really the core. So, the first thing to recognize about the transauric Penta, is that it is a very powerful force. It is a deeply generative force. And what it’s doing when it’s tapping into the auras of those that are there, it’s tapping into their power, in order to fuel the direction of the family.

First of all, you got to understand something about Penta. One of the great dilemmas that we have had in the world, since the beginning, is material and materialism! From the beginning! That is as a bio form one of the ways in which we develop strategies to stay alive, was to collect more, to have more than we need, ultimately to get greedy, to be power-hungry, you know all of these various things that go with it. And there is this philosophical sociological finger-pointing at us, as being responsible for that. In other words that we are born materialistic. That we are born for that. It’s not true. Like any bio form we are here to survive. But materialism, materialism is penta. This is what the Penta is about. The Penta is the basic construct that guarantees the survival of the young. You cannot have that, without being successful at some level, on the material plane, in order to be able to provide for them. Everything about the Penta is a unidirectional material movement. Unidirectional material. And not only is it unidirectional and material, it likes to show off. Pentas love to demonstrate. You can see that in any suburban neighborhood. You got one house on the block that isn’t painted? Are they going to know about it? Really? When your kids go out in the morning, there are people looking out the windows, to see how they’re dressed. Everything is being measured, everything is being compared, that wonderful picture of mothers with their babies in the carriages in the park and there’s all these different families sitting on the benches with their carriages in the park and they’re all looking at each other. They have a nicer carriage than we do. They do. Did you see how that baby’s toy was? That was really incredible, you know, bla, bla, bla… And then there’s of course the kid that pulls down his pants and shits in the sandbox and all the mothers are going to go get that. That mother, she’s not very good, is she? Our children aren’t like that. Why do you think families drag their children to their families on Sundays or whatever day it is? This tradition. If you live in the same community, you grab your kids and off you go to your parents place. This is part of Penta. This is Penta saying “the continuity of the genetic line, look at us were doing well.” “We’re successful now and look at our children there doing well, isn’t that terrific?” And when you take them to your parents, you go shopping the day before, so they got really nice things to wear, they look really good. The kids are born here, you know all the stuff, you’re going out to put on a show! And they think it’s us, it’s not us! We’re not like that, if you take any one of us aside, you know, we’re not like that. But Penta is! And the moment you’re in the penta you’re in the mechanism, so you play the game. You don’t have any choice. The most competitive environment in the world is families. Families. Families competitive with other families, because pentas are incredibly competitive. Well my children went to Harvard! They’re incredibly competitive. This is what pentas is.

So the first thing to understand about this mechanism is, put all the blame stuff away because it isn’t going to do you any good to visit the Penta. Cause it isn’t paying any attention, cause it doesn’t care. It’s a mechanism and the whole basis of this mechanism is, this is how we build a successful genepool. If you’ve got a penta that’s really successful and propagates more successful pentas, eventually you build yourself a genepool. You got yourself a tribe. This is what these mechanisms are about. And yes it avoids all our awareness! No spleen, no ajna, no solar plexus. Avoids all that, avoids our ego bullshit, it avoids all of that. Pentas aren’t under pressure, they’re just productive mechanisms.

-Ra Uru Hu

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