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Rave I-Ching – Human Design

Hexagram 1 / Gate 1: THE GATE OF SELF-EXPRESSION. THE CREATIVE; Yang; 44< 1> 43

Channel 8-1 Inspiration; The creative Role Model; Harmonic Gate 8 Holding Together; Center G; Circuit Knowing
This is the yang-est (six yang lines) of the Hexagrams. It is a deep need to express oneself and demand attention. This is potentially an extremely creative gate rooted in its unique direction rather than awareness. Individual expression, like individual insight can only be fulfilled through interaction with others. The role of this creativity is, “doing your own thing” and when and if the creativity attracts attention, it may become an example for a new direction for others. Regardless of this potential, the drive to express one’s individuality to others isn’t always appreciated. Harmonic gate 8:Holding Together, when in harmony, this channel contributes creative direction to the collective. The role that is inherent in the first hexagram is to express uniqueness, to express mutation and the recognition that the first gate does not have to be the best (but just be).

1. Creation is Independent of Will
2. Love is Light
3. The Energy to Sustain Creative Work
4. Aloneness as the Medium of Creativity
5. The Energy to Attract Society
6. Objectivity

Hexagram 2 / Gate 2: THE GATE OF HIGHER KNOWING. THE RECEPTIVE; 24 < 2 > 23

2-14 The Beat; The design of being the keeper of keys; Harmonic Gate 14 Possession in Great Measure; Center G; Circuit Knowing
This gate is the seat of the “Driver”. The ancients would refer it as the “Higher Self”.

The nature of direction for humanity is an evolutionary direction which is rooted in mutation. No matter how logic establishes the validity of a pattern, that pattern can always be destroyed by mutation because mutation is the way of life. The fact is that the second gate is the gate that transforms mutation into direction. In The Receptive, we are dealing with the most yin of all hexagrams (six yin lines). Receptivity as the primal base through which any response is determined. The root of action. Everything about what we are going to do as a totality and where we are going to move to in this life as a totality is rooted in this gate, The Receptive. This is a primal base. Out of this all direction comes. Out of this all evolutionary action comes. The nature of this gate is that this is where direction, origin, is. (But the driver always needs access to other things. fuel, energy).

1. Intuition
2. Genius
3. Patience
4. Secretiveness
5. IntelligentAapplication
6. Fixation


Channel 3-60 Mutation; Energy which fluctuates and initiates; Harmonic Gate 60 Limitation; Center Sacral; Circuit Knowing

This is a gate of confused energy, confused in the sense that it is unsubstantiated, like the individual insight, it is unique and has to find its form. Mutation can operate in two basic ways. The simplest is the direct mutation through reproduction. The Sacral is our center of fertility. It is associated in biology with the Ovaries in a woman and the Testes in a man. The potential of mutation is deeply connected to our reproductive process and is an essential ingredient for our continued survival. The 3rd gate not only generates potential mutation but it determines what genetic material we inherit from our parents’ genetic pool. This is Generational mutation. The second form of mutation is through the fulfillment of the Knowing circuit. Individual expression that through example changes and mutates those who have contact with them, this is Cultural mutation.

1. Synthesis
2. Immaturity
3. Survival
4. Charisma
5. Victimization
6. Surrender

Hexagram 4 / Gate 4: THE GATE OF FORMULIZATION. YOUTHFUL FOLLY. 7 < 4 > 29

Channel 63-4 Logic. A design of mental ease mixed with doubt; Harmonic Gate 63 After Completion; Center Ajna; Circuit Understanding

This is a gate of good fortune. It is clear that the most grounded path is based on logic. To use logic, that is to be able to substantiate things in fact, protects one from misjudgment. And this gate through the Understanding circuit is related to the Channel of Judgment. The real difference lies in the frequency. Splenic awareness operates
in the now, but the mind’s frequency is over all time. The pressure of a doubt or suspicion can last a lifetime. The I’Ching name for this gate is Youthful Folly. The potential is to have an answer to the doubt. A Stream of Awareness has four stages in its process. An answer, a formula is only a potential. Many answers are sheer foolishness.
A formula is the beginning of a logical awareness. It is worthy of remembering that an answer is not necessarily a solution or a fact.

1. Pleasure
2. Acceptance
3. Irresponsibility
4. The Liar
5. Seduction
6. Excess

Hexagram 5 / Gate 5: THE GATE OF FIXED RHYTHMS. WAITING. 9 < 5 > 26

15-5 Rhythm, The design of being in the flow; Harmonic Gate 15 Modesty; Center Sacral; Circuit Understanding

Tantric channels are about the empowerment of the Self. No other channel in Design has such significance. Being in the Flow is a universal mechanism and binds all life forms together in the ‘rhythm of Life’. The 5th gate is the power to fix the pattern. It is the gate of habits, of daily rhythm and tempo. This is not about establishing the pattern through awareness. This is a mechanical gate. The role of awareness is to not identify with concepts that try to alter the natural pattern. If it is natural to eat at 7 o’clock in the morning, nothing should be allowed to interfere with that pattern.

1. Perseverance
2. Inner Peace
3. Compulsiveness
4. The hunter
5. Joy
6. Yielding

Hexagram 6 / Gate 6: THE GATE OF FRICTION. CONFLICT. 47 < 6 > 46

Channel 59-6 Mating, A design focused on reproduction. Harmonic Gate 59 Dispersion. Center Solar Plexus; Circuit Defense

This is the most complex gate of the Solar Plexus and the most difficult in terms of finding the awareness within the wave. Not only is it a powerful motor with the energy for producing life itself but it also contains the awareness possibilities of all three Streams of Emotional awareness; Feeling, Emoting, and Sensitivity. Where the 50th gate is
the awareness of our Personal Defense Reflex, Conflict is our evolved Genetic Defense Reflex. There is no survival for Humanity unless it continues to reproduce. From the perspective of our genes, this is our only purpose, to maintain and continue the genetic pool. In our biology, the 6th gate is associated with our PH balance. It is PH that keeps our outside/outside and our inside/inside. It establishes the boundary of the body. Throughout most of our history, this has been a mechanical process. The possibility of awareness in this gate could transform the
nature of all of Humanities intimacy. Who is in and who is out, who can penetrate or be penetrated is the work of this gate. However, as an energy, and this is its general state, it always confines intimacy to a hope and pain cycle.

1. Retreat
2. The Guerilla
3. Allegiance
4. Triumph
5. Arbitration
6. The Peacemaker

Hexagram 7 / Gate 7: THE GATE OF THE ROLE OF THE SELF. THE ARMY. 33 < 7 > 4

Channel 31-7 The Alpha. For “good” or “bad” the design of leadership; Harmonic Gate 31 Influence; Center G; Circuit Understanding
The 7th gate is part of the Sphinx Cross. It is a gate of logical direction. This is the gate of the role of the Self in interaction. The Channel of the ‘Alpha’ is a design of Leadership. It is the Understanding Circuit which leads us into the future. It is a rule of all forms, that only logic, only the tested and established patterns, can be followed
with any certainty. Below in the line keynotes, it is clear how the nature of these leadership roles are determined. What is significant, is that the Self is unaware. The role is genetic and mechanical and it does not respond to a concept of role. An Authoritarian will always be one, regardless. However, the conditioning power of this gate is enormous and has had profound effects on our collective history. The 31 may have the Influence but the direction and role of the 7, is all too often the power behind the throne. Bill Clinton with his 31 and Hillary Clinton with 7. 2 or Nehru’s 31 and Indira Ghandis’ 7. 2 are classic examples of democratic role conditioning.

1. Authoritarian
2. The Democrat
3. The Anarchist
4. The Abdicator
5. The General
6. The Administrator

Hexagram 8 / Gate 8: THE GATE OF CONTRIBUTION. HOLDING TOGETHER. 23 < 8 > 20

Channel 8-1 Inspiration, The creative Role Model; Harmonic Gate 1 The Creative; Center Throat; Circuit Knowing

The 8th gate is a mirror to the function of the 23rd gate of Assimilation. Both are part of the Knowing circuit, both have the ability to express the possibilities of individuality. The 23rd gate says, ‘I know’ and the 8th gate says, ‘I know I can’. This is the gate of the individual contribution to the whole. Imagine that a group of tourists are lost on
an excursion. The 8th gate does not lead either logically (‘I think, it’s that way’ 31: Influence) nor Abstractly (‘I remember, it was this way’ 33: Retreat), it can only act as an example. The 8th gate stands up, gets everybody’s attention and says, ‘I know, I can find the way’ and leaves. Those who wish to take the chance and follow are welcomed and if no one takes heed, the knower will go on alone. The contribution of the Individual can never be pressed onto the collective. It would only lead to resistance.

1. Honesty
2. Service
3. The Phoney
4. Respect
5. Dharma
6. Communion

Hexagram 9 / Gate 9: THE GATE OF FOCUS. THE TAMING POWER OF THE SMALL. 34 < 9 > 5

Channel 9-52 Concentration, A design of determination; Harmonic Gate 52 Keeping Still (Mountain); Center Sacral; Circuit Understanding
This gate has a direct relationship to the 62nd gate in the Throat center. The 62nd is the Preponderance of the Small and the 9th gate is the Taming Power of the Small. These are the two detail gates and both are in the Understanding Circuit. Both are mechanical functions. The power of the 9th gate is determination. The power to maintain the focus. When the 52nd gate is defined to this power, the restlessness is transformed into a channeled energy and the depression disappears. It is this power to focus that underlines the importance of this gate. The entire logic system demands continued experimentation and testing, repetition and practice. It is this power to focus which empowers the entire process.

1. Sensibility
2. Misery Loves Company
3. The Straw that Breaks the Camel’s Back
4. Dedication
5. Faith
6. Gratitude

Hexagram 10 / Gate 10: THE GATE OF THE BEHAVIOUR OF THE SELF. TREADING. 11 < 10 > 58

Channel 10-34 Exploration, A design of following one’s convictions; 10-57 Perfected Form; A design of survival; 20-10 Awakening, A design of commitment to higher principles; Harmonic Gates 34 The Power of the Great; 57 The Gentle; 20 Contemplation; Center G; Circuit Centering

This is the most complex gate that opens up out of the G center. Out of the 10th gate, three channels can be formed. The 10th gate is a behavioural bridge which links the Centering circuit to the Knowing circuit. It is the potential behaviour of the Self. Before this behaviour can manifest, it must be guided spontaneously by the Intuition
(57) from the Splenic Awareness, and empowered by the Sacral (34) and then it can manifest through the Throat in the now (20). Treading is a gate of the Vessel, a gate of Love. It is the 10th gate which ensures the perfection of our form and its survival and the conviction which guides it, is the Love of Living, of being alive. The complexity of this gate can also be seen on its effects on others. This is a gate of powerful conditioning influence. How the planetary collective behaves is determined by this gate. Awakening is not possible without a fixed behaviour. The Li. The only way is surrender to the privilege of exploring life in a self-conscious form. The Channel of Awakening (20-10) is the oldest of our three mystical possibilities. The first and foremost initiation
is to recognize who we are. This channel is perfectly illustrated by the inscription over the Oracle of Delphi, ‘Know thyself’. Awakening is not a commitment to becoming something, it is a commitment to being oneself. One cannot know what is incomplete. The mystical love of this Vessel gate, is the love of Self as it is, in the now. This is Awakeness.

1. Modesty
2. The Hermit
3. The Martyr
4. The Opportunist
5. The Heretic
6. The Role Model

Hexagram 11 / Gate 11: THE GATE OF IDEAS. PEACE. 26< 11 >10

Channel 11-56 Curiosity, The design of the searcher; Harmonic Gate 56 The Wanderer; Center Ajna; Circuit Sensing

The gate of Ideas is the conceptual possibility which emerges from the difficult task of realizing. This gate prepares a concept for articulation through the capacity of its visual memory. Like its mirror, the 17th gate of Opinion, the 11th gate is associated in our biology with the eyes, here, the left eye. The left eye operates in a wave. In the now, it sees only an aspect of the whole, yet over time, given its memory, it can capture the entire picture. Ideas are not facts, they are possibilities. The process of making sense out of something cannot stop at realization. The goal of mental awareness is expression. The idea is a tool geared to express what has been sensed. This is a gate of those who seek stimulation, who have a need to stimulate, to share their ideas. So many people are frustrated when their wonderful ideas do not turn into realities, but look at the design. The fulfillment of an idea is its verbal expression, not action; and with good reason, this is the circuit of cycles, transitoriness and the wave. Ideas are not a prescription for action, they are stimulation for reflection.

1. Attunement
2. Rigour
3. The Realist
4. The Teacher
5. The Philanthropist
6. Adaptability

Hexagram 12 / Gate 12: THE GATE OF CAUTION. STANDSTILL. 45 < 12 > 15

Channel 12-22 Openness, The design of the social being; Harmonic Gate 22 Grace; Center Throat; Circuit Knowing
Powerful emotions and unique insights aren’t for everyone. Standstill is the only gate in the Throat that is specifically about not doing. It is a gate of social caution, of wariness about the collective. This is one of the three gates (40,33) of Aloneness. Since this is the gate of the mechanical expression of the Emoting Stream, its caution is
naturally rooted in its mood. ‘I try’ is its voice but it is always a maybe, depending on the mood, the spirit. The individual always faces resistance and it is natural to be hesitant about social interaction. This gate is a destiny of ‘familiarity bringing contempt’. The individual has its greatest impact as a stranger of consequence; releasing its
awareness in the proper spirit and then withdrawing. As a Throat mechanic, this gate has the capacity to be extremely articulate (when its in the mood). The power of Cultural Mutation is the mystery of Standstill.

1. The monk
2. Purification
3. Confession
4. The Prophet
5. The Pragmatist
6. Metamorphosis

Hexagram 13 / Gate 13: THE GATE OF THE LISTENER. THE FELLOWSHIP OF MAN. 19 < 13 > 49

Channel 33-13 The Prodigal, The design of the witness; Harmonic Gate 33 Retreat; Center G; Circuit Sensing

Where the logic process demands a Role for the Self, the abstract demands that the Self listens. This gate is the openness of the Self in interaction. It is a gate of the Cross of the Sphinx and manifests direction. In the logic process, direction is a projection through which the collective is pointed towards the possibilities of the future. The abstract process is direction through reflection and points out the experience of the past. This is a gate of the listener. This gate will always attract others who will come and share their experiences. This is the channel of the witness and the completion of the Abstract process. It is the point at the end of a cycle. Here, the knowledge of the cycle is accumulated as memory. There is also magic in this gate for it is the gate of the Hearer of Secrets. This is the Role of openness.

1. Empathy
2. Bigotry
3. Pessimism
4. Fatigue
5. The Saviour
6. The Optimist


Channel 2-14 The Beat, The design of being the keeper of keys; Harmonic Gate 2 The Receptive; Center Sacral; Circuit Knowing
This is the fertile power of the Sacral center at its most exalted. The channels between the G center and the Sacral are Tantric channels, where the sacral energy is available as fuel to empower the Self. The ultimate expression, however, always lies through the Throat. The 14th gate, is the power that drives the Sphinx. The ‘Driver’ the Prime Magnetic Monopole, may know the direction but if there is no key to turn on the motor, there is nowhere for the vehicle to go. Changes in Human Direction are determined by mutation in the Format energy and the consequent mutation of the ‘Drivers’ fuel. Fuel determines direction! A vegetarian and a carnivore have different directions in

1. Money isn’t everything
2. Management
3. Service
4. Security
5. Arrogance
6. Humility

Hexagram 15 / Gate 15: THE GATE OF EXTREMES. MODESTY. 12 < 15 > 52

Channel 15-5 Rhythm, The design of being in the flow; Harmonic Gate 5 Waiting; Center G; Circuit Understanding
The 15th gate is part of the Cross of the Vessel. It is the gate of the ‘Aura’ and is the Self that is magnetic. The Love of this gate is for Humanity. This channel defined always determines the rhythm of the environment. Modesty in the traditional sense is always a matter of balancing extremes. Through this gate, the possible extremes are lived out. People who are busy and not, sleep long and short, eat early, eat late; in other words, people who will live out extremes in their rhythm. In Design Analysis, in working with composites, there is a type of connection called Electro-Magnetic. In this connection each partner activates the opposite gate of a channel forming a definition. This is attraction / repulsion, love / hate, a basic relationship dynamic. However, in three cases (45/21, 35/36 and 5/15) this type of connection is very difficult. The 15th gate is uncomfortable with a fixed pattern and the 5th gate destabilized by extreme rhythms.

1. Duty
2. Influence
3. Ego Inflation
4. The Wallflower
5. Sensitivity
6. Self-defense

Hexagram 16 / Gate 16: THE GATE OF SKILLS. ENTHUSIASM. 20 < 16 > 35

Channel 16-48 The Wave Length, A design of talent; Harmonic Gate 48 The Well; Center Throat; Circuit Understanding
Talent by its very design is so often dependent on others for manifestation. The defining of the Spleen to the Throat, allows only for verbal manifestation. Every gate of the Throat center has a voice. The 16th gate says, ‘I experiment’. Since the Understanding Circuit is about patterns and focus, it makes a clear statement about the quality of talent being dependent on repetition. Constant experimentation, over and over, goaded by the critical capacity, to find the ‘perfect’ expression. The 16th gate is the gate of Skills, the ancient Chinese Hexagram of Music, Dance and the Arts. However, this gate is not specifically about the fine Arts, inherent in its capacity is skills for living; a talent for life. One of the keys to Design Analysis is to recognize that harmonic gates are always projecting each other’s attributes on the other. The 48 is always self-critical about not having enough skills, and the 16, not enough depth and more complex, the 48 will confuse skills with depth and the 16, vice versa. This was the relationship of John Lennon (48) and Paul McCartney (16).

1. Delusion
2. The Cynic
3. Independence
4. The Leader
5. The Grinch
6. Gullibility

Hexagram 17 / Gate 17: THE GATE OF OPINIONS. FOLLOWING. 25 < 17 > 21

Channel 17-62 Acceptance, A design of an organizational being; Harmonic Gate 62 Preponderance of the Small; Center Ajna; Circuit Understanding
The possibility of being able to organize the Formula, the understanding, and prepare it for expression. This is the gate of the student and the teacher. It is the formula brought into to focus. This is the gate of Opinion. The Circuit of Understanding demands proof and opinions must have a logical foundation to withstand testing and criticism. This by the way isn’t to say whether these opinions, logical or not, are correct. Facts are regularly used to support lies and lies are proffered as formulas. This is about the form of the concept. The Collective mental possibilities, gates 11 and 17, are associated in our biology with the Eyes. The 17th gate is the right Eye. It is the eye which sees clearly in the Now. It is the best eye for experimentation. The left eye never sees everything at once! These mental concepts are about visualization. The right eye seeks the fixed pattern and projects out of this pattern. Opinion is like a crystal ball. Fixed visually on the pattern in the now and projecting into the future. By design, the question (63), the answer (4) and the Opinion have no voice much less any power to act. The mind is far away from a motor.

1. Openness
2. Discrimination
3. Understanding
4. The Personnel Manager
5. No Human is an Island
6. The Bodhisattva

Hexagram 18 / Gate 18: THE GATE OF CORRECTION. WORK ON WHAT HAS BEEN. SPOILT. 46 < 18 > 48

Channel 18-58 Judgment, A design of insatiability; Harmonic Gate 58 The Joyous; Center Spleen; Circuit Understanding
Taste, the focus of judgment on dissatisfaction. This gate is where we receive our deepest conditioning from our parents. In the I’Ching this gate is referred to as Work on what has been spoilt. It is through this gate that a woman is conditioned by her Father, and where a man is conditioned by his Mother. The Oedipus / Electra Gate. This isn’t
to say that this is a negative. It is the gate of essential learning and as a result is the gate of Correction. This is where we learn generationally, from parent to child. The 18th gate activated in a chart is an indication that there has been deep conditioning from the parent. It is through this ‘imprinting’ that a certain standard has been established. These conditioned standards will form the basis for comparison and will be applied to everything; lovers, work, oneself, and the reality despite circumstances will always invite the potential of Correction. The very vitality of this channel denies resignation, and the need to correct, to improve is a life long process. Without the dissatisfaction and the drive for perfection which hones the critical skills, there is no understanding. Here is where the potential of Taste is born.

1. Conservatism
2. Terminal Disease
3. The Zealot
4. The Incompetent
5. Therapy
6. Buddhahood

Hexagram 19 / Gate 19: THE GATE OF WANTING. APPROACH. 41 < 19 > 13

Channel 49-19 Synthesis, A design of being sensitive; Harmonic Gate 49 Revolution; Center Root; Circuit Ego
The Ego Circuit, the circuit of the material Plane is not to be underestimated, nor is it specifically mundane. This is the Tribal circuitry, where the keynote is ‘support’. This is the circuit of our communities and their survival. This channel of Synthesis, is one of the three Mystical Channels (51/25, 10/20) and the only one that is potentially aware and not strictly mechanical. This gate is the fuel of the sensitivity process. At its most mundane, it is hardly spiritual. It is potentially over-sensitive and easily disturbed. The 19th gate fuels our social needs. It fuels the drive to make sure that the community exists and that there is a place within the community for this energy. It is not about wanting or needing ‘someone’ specifically. It is the energy to support and the need to have the support of the community available. It is about having access and not be socially restricted. It is the force which drives all revolutions. At a biological level, it is about food. To avoid over-sensitivity, it’s always necessary for the 19 to have a full refrigerator!

1. Interdependence
2. Service
3. Dedication
4. The Team Player
5. Sacrifice
6. The Recluse

Hexagram 20 / Gate 20: THE GATE OF THE NOW. CONTEMPLATION. 8 < 20 > 16

Channel 20-10 Awakening, A design of commitment to higher principles; 20-57 The Brain Wave, A design of awareness; 20-34 Charisma, A design where thoughts must be deeds; Harmonic Gates 10 Treading; 57 The Gentle; 34 The Power of the Great; Center Throat; Circuit Knowing

Contemplation is the only purely existential gate. The Throat Center is the final stage in the process of expressing the Intuition. The Throat Center is not aware. It has a mechanical function, to speak or act, which can be conditioned by Awareness. Each gate of the Throat has its own unique voice. The voice of Contemplation, unaware and free of maia, says, ‘I am Now’. When the Intuition is Defined to the Throat, then the voice says, ‘I know I am Now’. It is important to remember that the Splenic Center is not a motor. The Channel of Penetrating Awareness, remains strictly verbal and though the knowing in the now exists as Awareness, it cannot be transformed into action. When the entire Stream of Intuition is Defined, the Throat can then manifest all of the potential of Intuition. ‘I know what I am struggling for in the Now’.

1. Superficiality
2. The dogmatist
3. Self-awareness
4. Application
5. Realism
6. Wisdom

Hexagram 21 / Gate 21: THE GATE OF THE HUNTER/HUNTRESS. BITING THROUGH. 17 < 21 > 51

Channel 21-45 The Money Line, A design of a materialist; Harmonic Gate 45 Gathering Together; Center Heart; Circuit Ego

The Channel of Materialism is unique in the Body Graph. It stands alone as a single channel, self-enclosed unit. It is the only outlet for the two Streams of Awareness, which determine the nature of the Ego; its strength and its will. In this sense, it rules our Tribal life. Biting Through is the power for life on the material plane. It is a great conditioning force in the world. To have this gate in your Design, demands that you control, where you live, what you wear and what you eat! This gate can never afford to have a boss leaning over their shoulder. This is the gate of the ‘hunter/huntress’ and it is their ego drive to dominate. If this gate had a voice, it would say, ‘I control’. If it is in a situation where it does not control, its power can never be fulfilled. This channel is keynoted as The Money Line. For the 21, if they are not in control of how they make their living, they are always far from success.

1. Warning
2. Might is Right
3. Powerlessness
4. Strategy
5. Objectivity
6. Chaos

Hexagram 22 / Gate 22: THE GATE OF OPENNESS. GRACE. 63v 22 w36

Channel 12-22 Openness, The design of the social being; Harmonic Gate 12 Standstill; Center Solar Plexus; Circuit Knowing

The potential to realize the spirit becomes the possibility to share that spirit with others. The role of the individual is incomplete without social skills. On the Mental plane through the 43rd gate, the individual has the conceptual capacity to communicate its insight to others. The task is made more difficult by its strangeness. The Channel of
Openness provides the individual with the gift for public access. The possibility of this gate is to empower others with the individual emotion. It is the quality of the emotional spirit which will condition how receptive the collective will be to the individual awareness. The Knowing process requires a certain amount of social interaction to disseminate its individuality towards the goal of Mutation. Grace is where the spirit of the knower is released in a wave. The Sense of Hearing is associated with the Awareness possibility gates of the Knowing Circuit. The right Ear, the existential ear through the 57th gate; the Inner Ear, the inner voice of the individual through the 43rd gate; the left Ear is through Grace. What you hear with your left Ear, you hear in a Wave! If you listen to the telephone with the left Ear, you will only hear the good or bad of the hope & pain wave, the rest will come later.

1. Second Class Ticket
2. Charm School
3. The Enchanter
4. Sensitivity
5. Directness
6. Maturity

Hexagram 23 / Gate 23: THE GATE OF ASSIMILATION. SPLITTING APART. 2 < 23 > 8

Channel 43-23 Structuring, A design of individuality (Genius to Freak); Harmonic Gate 43 Breakthrough; Center Throat; Circuit Knowing
The very fact that an insight is unique and individual requires that its expression be able to communicate its essence to the collective. The purpose of individuation is to leave the door open to mutation. If an insight is truly of value to others , it has to be successfully communicated. This gate is about eliminating intolerance. In an intolerant world, the individual cannot survive. When the possibility of insight and the drive for assimilation come together, are connected, defined, we have the Channel of Structuring, a design of Individuality, from genius to freak. If the individual can express their insight clearly to the collective they will eventually earn the collective’s respect. If they cannot clearly express their insight, they will be shunned and dismissed as outsiders or freaks. This description is of course the extreme of the polarity. This is the voice, that says, ‘I know (whether they do or not)’

1. Proselytization
2. Self-defense
3. Individuality
4. Fragmentation
5. Assimilation
6. Fusion

Hexagram 24 / Gate 24: THE GATE OF RATIONALIZING. RETURNING. 27 < 24 > 2

Channel 61-24 Awareness, A design of the thinker; Harmonic Gate 61 Inner Truth; Center Ajna; Circuit Knowing
The Return is a conceptualizing gate. Individual conceptualizing is a complex process. The role of the mental individuality is to find a way to communicate a unique awareness to the Collective mind. Before any attempt at communication is possible, the inspiration must be given a rational form. The word rationalizing often has a negative connotation attached to it which is a projection of the collective on the individual. The Return is just that, returning over and over again, what is poetically called pondering, until the energy is transformed into a rational form. In the symmetry of this circuit, there are three gates of Awareness potential; 28: The Risk Taker and 55: the gate of the half empty or half full cup, Abundance. The design to rationalize is a risk and a test of the Spirit. There is no proof, logical collective or experience, abstract collective, there is only the potential that what has been rationalized may be a true knowing.

1. The Sin of Omission
2. Recognition
3. The Addict
4. The Hermit
5. Confession
6. The Gift Horse

Hexagram 25 / Gate 25: THE GATE OF THE SPIRIT OF THE SELF. INNOCENCE. 36 < 25 > 17

Channel 25-51 Initiation, A design of needing to be first; Harmonic Gate 51 The Arousing; Center G; Circuit Centering
The centering of a being depends on the quality of their innocence. The innocence is tested in the ‘fire’ of competitive energy. Despite the outward appearances the true competition is whether the Self can maintain its innocence despite circumstances. This is the gate of the Spiritual Warrior, the Shaman / Priestess. It is one of the four gates
of the Cross of the Vessel, a gate of Love. Innocence is the gate of the Blood. It is the potential to love existence without discrimination. A flower can be loved as profoundly as a human. This quality of love is often projected as cool or cold. It is neither. The mystical potential of this love is transcendent and universal. The Spirit is always being tested. This is the gate of scars, of the potential of being wounded. When the Warrior / Fool leaps into the void, it is Innocence that must land on its feet. The Spirit can be broken but triumph and survival enrich the spirit and result in the wonder of being.

1. Selflessness
2. The existentialist
3. Sensibility
4. Survival
5. Recuperation
6. Ignorance

Hexagram 26 / Gate 26: THE GATE OF THE EGOIST. THE TAMING POWER OF THE GREAT. 5 < 26 > 11

Channel 26-44 Surrender, A design of a transmitter; Harmonic Gate 44 Coming to Meet; Center Heart; Circuit Ego
This is the gate of the Egoist. It is the gate of the Trickster. With the 44th gate, this gate is a specific gate of Memory. This is the memory that can be manipulated. It is important to remember, that the Heart center is not aware. The manipulation of memory is inborn and a mechanic. ‘Fools are liars and prophets too, for they can never know if what they say is true. They just have to wait and see. ‘ Every gate in Design is by its nature dualistic. From the mouth of the great liar can also come the great truth. This is the gate of the Ego’s strength. This channel forms one of the main health networks in the body. The 26th gate is the gate of the Thymus Gland, where our Immune
System is developed during our pre-natal phase. It is the only direct connection between the Ego and the Spleen and thusly can cleanse the ego and how its memory is applied.

1. A Bird in the Hand
2. The Lessons of History
3. Influence
4. Censorship
5. Adaptability
6. Authority

Hexagram 27 / Gate 27: THE GATE OF CARING. NOURISHMENT. 3 < 27 > 24

Channel 27-50 Preservation, A design of custodianship; Harmonic Gate 50 The Cauldron; Center Sacral; Circuit Defense
Without nourishment and caring, nothing can survive, particularly a Human Being, who is so vulnerable for so many years. This is the mirror of the pure sexuality of the 59th gate. This is a gate that is both a fuel and an expression of sexuality. Through definition the power of the Sacral to move us is initiated. The drive to nourish is also
in its polarity, the drive to be nourished or cared for. This need to be cared for, driven at the Sacral level can lead to all kinds of Sexual health problems. If it is accompanied by a lack of values from the harmonic gate 50, serious problems are possible. When the possibility of values and the expression of caring come together, we have the
Channel of Preservation, a design of Custodianship. Those who preserve and protect. This is the gate of compassion, the power to care for the weak, the sick and the young and can be impressively altruistic in its manifestation, as in the case of Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

1. Selfishness
2. Self-sufficiency
3. Greed
4. Generosity
5. The Executor
6. Wariness


Channel 28-38 Struggle, A design of stubbornness; Harmonic Gate 38 Opposition; Center Spleen; Circuit Knowing
The Spleen is the home of our oldest and only existential awareness, our body consciousness, the ‘gut’ feeling. The 28th gate is a conceptualizing gate, the first step of any awareness process. The potential of intuition is to know in the now, whether it is of value to struggle or not. Where the mechanical fighter will not listen, the game player must. The fear of this gate is of death. The challenge is life itself. The development of intuitional potential is based on trial and error. Being a part of the Knowing Circuit, this is a deeply individual process. The risks are always taken alone and so are the consequences. The individual in society is the key to direction, but that role is fraught with difficulties. Any change in direction is the direct result of Mutation, the Format (3 / 60) of this circuit. If the mutation is going to be successful and replace the old with the new, the Tribe and the Collective must be convinced of its value. The knower who does not know what knowing to fight for, or how to fight for it, will face enormous resistance.

1. Preparation
2. Shaking Hands with the Devil
3. Adventurism
4. Holding on
5. Treachery
6. Blaze of Glory

Hexagram 29 / Gate 29: THE GATE OF SAYING YES. THE ABYSMAL. 4 < 29 > 59

Channel 46-29 Discovery, A design of succeeding where others fail; Harmonic Gate 46 Pushing Upward; Center Sacral; Circuit Sensing
This is the Tantric energy to empower the Determination of the Self. It is the gate of the Sacral saying, ‘Yes’. This is the fuel to persevere despite the circumstances. This is the gate of loading up on piles of commitments and responsibilities so there will be something to persevere about. The trick is to say yes to what is correct. The secret, as always with this Circuit, is waiting. This power to persevere is conditioned directly by the Format energy. Perseverance is also cyclical and what we are committed to one day, may no longer be of interest the next. The wave dominates. This center is not aware and the mechanical drive to say yes can be overwhelming. It is essential to remember, that experientially, what one commits oneself to, must be completed. After all, this is the energy of the channel of Discovery and the discovery does not lie in the commitment but in the process.

1. The Draftee
2. Assessment
3. Evaluation
4. Directness
5. Overreach
6. Confusion


Channel 30-41 Recognition, A design of focused energy; Harmonic Gate 41 Decrease; Center Solar Plexus; Circuit Sensing
This gate of Feeling is the Emotional equivalent of mental realization. Like its mirror, the 18th gate, the gate of conditioning from the parents , the 30th is the gate of Fate. Feeling is a thirst for destiny and a hunger for change. Just as judgment leads to the conceptual potential to correct, the recognized feeling leads to the conceptual potential for change. However, there are distinct differences. Judgment and the capacity to correct take place in the now or not. Recognition of the potential for change takes place in the wave. The emotional wave moves from pain to hope, and the true potential of emotional awareness lies between these highly energetic poles. It is important to realize, that only emotional awareness has direct access to the Throat that is by its very nature energized. The feeling for change must move through the wave. The feeling of Pain which initiates the yearning for change and a cursing of the Fates. The feeling of Hope which initiates the yearning for change and prays to the Fates. The potential awareness that can recognize the feeling and leaves its outcome in the hands of the Fates.

1. Composure
2. Pragmatism
3. Resignation
4. Burnout
5. Irony
6. Enforcement

Hexagram 31 / Gate 31: THE GATE OF LEADING. INFLUENCE. 56 < 31 > 33

Channel 31-7 The Alpha, For ‘good’ or ‘bad’ the design of leadership; Harmonic Gate 7 The Army; Center Throat; Circuit Understanding
The Throat has its many voices, here it says, ‘I lead’. This is the gate of manifesting influence. This is not a gate of primary action. Gates of the Throat that can be defined directly to a motor, are a minority (20>34, 45>21, 12>22 and 35>36). The remaining seven gates are primarly for verbal manifestation. ‘I lead’ often is little more then a
verbal claim

1. Manfiestation
2. Arrogance
3. Selectivity
4. Intent
5. Self-righteousness
6. Application

Hexagram 32 / Gate 32: THE GATE OF CONTINUITY. DURATION. 57 < 32 > 50

Channel 32-54 Transformation, A design of being driven; Harmonic Gate 54 The Marrying Maiden; Center Spleen; Circuit Ego
The awareness potential is the instinct to adapt in the now without losing continuity. This is the gate of Duration, where all of our instinctive imprinting is rooted. By its nature, it is extremely conservative. Where the Sensitivity Stream is social and communal, the Instinctive Stream is social and individual. Rooted in the Splenic system, it is
first and foremost about individual survival on the material plane. It will not rush to embrace a revolution, but if it succeeds and is established in the general community, then it will instinctly adapt, maintaining its basic nature. This is the potential awareness of what can or cannot be transformed. It is the brake on the drive of the 54. What is transformed and stored as instinctive memory, determines the ultimate strength of the Ego. Each gate of the Splenic Center has an underlying fear, here, it is the fear of failure. It can be a gate of prolonged indecision, the
conservative reliance agonizing over the risks of being driven towards transformation.

1. Conservation
2. Restraint
3. Lack on Continuity
4. Right is Might
5. Flexibility
6. Tranquility

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