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We invite you to a unique experience where, together with other participants who experiment with Human Design, you can immerse yourself in your personal experimentation on a physical, intellectual and emotional level. We have prepared for you a combination of theoretical and practical exercises, with which we will delve into a more subtle, deeper level, to awaken your sensitivity and wisdom in the body.

If you are inspired by the Human Design System, let’s get to know you!

17-22 Jan 2024

Six days of interactive activities live

Human design is an impressive system for self-awareness, showing you strengths and weaknesses that you need to work on. Human Design is very practical and shockingly precise. It is based on the universal cosmic energy of which we humans are a part and with which we must be in sync. Human design is captivating and intriguing, because it helps you understand who you are and what your mission is in life and most importantly reach and understand each person. The event is aimed at everyone who is experimenting with Human Design System or is just a beginner.

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